Reflex Pants vs. Ecotrek Trail Pants

Looking for a pair of lightweight pants but can't decide between our Reflex Pants and Ecotrek Trail Pants

We put together this guide to help highlight the key differences and features of each, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. 

Decisions, Decisions...

This year we’ve expanded our product offerings like never before with the introduction of our Karst Pants, Reflex Pants, Forager Jacket—and set to ship in December—Century Jacket.

We don’t want audiences to get confused or lost in the shuffle of all this new product. While we describe both the Reflex and Ecotreks as lightweight pants, there are some key differences between the two in both fabric, features, and real-world function.

We’ll start with the complete fabric breakdown below, and then we’ll dive into the design intention between each one individually so you can see which best suits you.

Material Weight Fabric Weight Sizing Colors Special Features

Reflex Pants


72% Recycled Polyester | 28% Polyester Doubleweave


89% Recycled Nylon | 11% Spandex

255 gsm


Insignia Blue

  • Tapered fit and ankle 
  • 8" outseam zipper for an
  • Four functional pockets with YKK zippers
  • Comfort-stretch waistband with internal/External drawstring
  • Sustainable DWR Treatment
EcoTrek Trail Pants

70% recycled nylon

25% nylon

5% spandex

179 gsm






  • Internal Drawsteing (and zipper/button)
  • Numerous subtle pockets
  • Interior mesh liner
  • Roll up leg system with reflective tape
  • PFC-Free DWR Treatment


Activewear Ability with Leisure Comfort - The Reflex Pants

The Reflex Pants are a dream blend of all the best aspects of active and leisurewear. They wick sweat quickly, thanks in part to the diamond-plate interior texture that allows for easy airflow, while the exterior has a smooth matte finish that naturally resists snags and abrasion.

We designed these pants to prioritize functioning well in high-intensity activities, everything from climbing mountains to running marathons. The classic LIVSN gusset crotch allows for complete leg mobility, and each of the four zippered pockets has YKK zippers for belonging security.

While these pants can handle the rigors of the outdoors, we also made them as comfortable as possible for downtime. The elastic waistband makes sizing and fit more forgivable, and the recycled/double polyester fabric in the body has a polished, luxurious feel. 

The Everything, Everywhere, Rain or Shine Option - The Ecotrek Trail Pants

Since their release, the Ecotrek Trail Pants have been a fan favorite as a one-stop, do-it-all pants option, thanks in equal parts to their design and sustainably sourced materials.

These pants can perform well in all four seasons but especially shine in warmer months as they can breathe and seamlessly switch between roles such as hiking pants, work pants, or city pants. Similar in fit and design to our Flex Canvas Pants, the main difference is the stretchier, water-resistant material.

Primarily made from nylon from recycled ocean buoys, the Ecotreks are slightly lighter in fabric density and total weight than the Reflex Pants. They also look and feel closer to a classic pants design while the Reflex skews more towards activewear.

Key Differences to Consider

While both pants boast an impressive amount of stretch and moisture-wicking ability, they differ most in design form and features.

Reflex Pants

Elastic waistband with an internal/external drawstring

Tapered ankle cuff (with a zip and button). This was done so pants do become caught on debris and can securely over pads and boots for gear-intensive activities. 

Four zippered pockets in total, more activewear fit and style 

Ecotrek Trail Pants

Classic zipper and fly with an internal waist drawstring for additional support

The Ecotrek has a classic leg cuff opening cuff (with a reflective strip roll-up option)

Seven pockets in total, more classic pants fit

Final Verdict

If you only want one pair of pants that can do just about everything well and especially shine around water and in warmer months, then the Ecotreks are your best bet. 

If you tend to put your exercise attire through the ringer and need activewear-specific clothing that keeps belongings safe so you can focus on the task at hand, then consider the Reflex pants.

Any questions on the differences between these two types of pants? Drop a comment below, and we'll email you back an answer asap.

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