Karst Pants vs Flex Canvas Pants

Looking for a pair of durable pants but can't decide between our Karst Pants and Flex Canvas Pants

We put together a guide to help highlight the key differences and features of each, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Picking the Right Pants for You

Our apparel design principles focus on creating only products that serve a unique need and gap in the current market. We take years of development to ensure that what we create is worth the ecological cost of production and each product has a unique role and purpose.

For instance, if you need lightweight pants, we’d point you toward our Reflex or Ecotrek Trail Pants. However, if you are looking for a heavier pair of pants best suited for colder months, intense wear-and-tear, all while still loaded with useful features, then either the new Karst Pants or Flex Canvas Pants will likely be the best move for you.

While similar in fit and construction, these two differ considerably when it comes to fabric weight and special features. Here’s a quick guide to highlight the technical details of both.


Material Weight Fabric Weight Total Weight Sizing Colors Special Features

Karst Pants

90% Nylon  10% Spandex 466 gsm (13.7 oz)




Dark Olive
  • Nine pockets in total
  • Double needle stiching
  • Cuff drawstrings
  • Breathable, durable, stretchy fabric
Flex Canvas Pants

58% organic cotton

40% recycled polyester

2% spandex

270 gsm
(8oz) duck canvas
1.1175 lbs
.506 kgs









  • Articulated knees

  • Gussetted crotch

  • Reinforced common failure points

  • Modern, tailored appearance

The Karst Pants - An Abrasion-Proof Technical Pant that Looks and Feels Practical, Not Tactical

These technical pants were designed to withstand harsh conditions and repeated contact with harsh outdoor environments. With a fabric density of 466gsm made with four-way stretch nylon, these are perhaps our most durable pair of pants to date. We opted to focus on breathability, stretch, and toughness with these pants, making them an ideal choice for those who tend to put their clothes through the ringer.

Feature-wise, these pants have an incredible amount of storage capacity thanks to their zippered thigh, side, back, and traditional hand pockets. Along with a traditional button and zipper along, there’s also a drawstring for additional security, and cuff drawstrings to prevent debris from sneaking inside the sleeves and shoes.

With the reinforcement, double needle-stitching along common failure points, and unique fabric blend we consider the Karst Pants to be our best heavy-duty pants primed and ready for any kind of abuse you can throw at them. 

Flex Canvas Pants - A Four Season Pants For Every Occasion

The Flex Canvas Pants were our first design, and while we’ve incrementally tweaked the design based on user feedback, they have retained the same versatile, comfortable look and feel upon which LIVSN was built. 

Much of their utility stems from the Flex Canvas fabric, a mid-weight 270 gsm organic cotton/polyester blend. This gives considerable stretch for canvas pants, further enhanced by design elements like the gusseted crotch and articulated knees to allow for easy dynamic movements. 

Notably different is that the Flex Canvas Pants come in a women-friendly fit. Made with the same fabric and features, these pants are available in waist sizes 0-20 and inseam lengths of 30 or 32”. 

With almost a thousand verified customer reviews and considerable accolades from third-party websites, the Flex Canvas Pants are a known quality that has proven to perform well in the field over the years. If you need one pair of pants that can do just about everything well and see classic LIVSN style in action, the Flex Canvas Pants are a perfect starting point. 

Key Differences to Consider

Fabric Weight

In both fabric density and overall weight, the Karst pants are heavier

Storage Capacity

The Karst pants have nine pockets and the Flex Canvas Pants seven, but the Karst’s are considerably larger

Closure Points

The Karst Pants has a drawstring waistband (along with a traditional zipper and fly) and elastic cuff closure. 

The Flex Canvas has a classic waistband zipper and fly and open cuffs (with a reflective strip roll-up option)

Final Verdict

For sheer versatility and function, we give the nod to the Flex Canvas Pants as they can work equally well with both urban and outdoor outfits. They function in any season and environment, and our proven, most well-rounded pants option.

The Karst Pants play a more specialized role. Designed for abrasion-intensive environments and activities, and were made to be durable, breathable, and stretchy above all else. They are a new design for us, but early reviews are positive, and we expected their staying power to be second to none.

If you have any questions on the differences between these pants, just drop a comment below, and we'll email you back an answer asap.

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Can you do a Karst LT? Same pocketing, but for warmer climates? Put mesh inside the seam zip pocket and you have yourself some breathable, yet durable jungle pants!

David Massey October 27, 2023

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