Apparel Design Principles

    Choose the highest-quality materials

    • First look to source organic, recycled, or otherwise low-impact materials.
    • Look for high abrasion-resistance, a hefty hand, and some stretch.
    • Use materials that have multiple use-cases.
    • Use materials with textural interest. 

    Build durability into the design

    • Use the strongest seam construction up to the point of diminishing return.
    • Overbuild stress points such as seams, pockets, and buttons.
    • Use the highest quality hardware available.

    Design a highly mobile and tailored fit

    • Use stretch materials and mechanical articulation to achieve unrestricted movement. 
    • Design pattern for a tailored fit that follows body lines. 

      Aim for timeless style and integrate features subtly

      • Use timeless color palettes to guard against seasonal style trends and facilitate a slimmed-down, versatile wardrobe.
      • Integrate technical features into clean lines suitable for everyday use.
      • Have a reason for every stitch.

        Iterate and stay tuned to feedback 

        • Listen to the customer and make changes when necessary to continuously improve our product. 


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