Apparel Production Principles

Create high-quality outdoor clothing

  • An emphasis on fit, function, and durability leads to a more sustainable product. Try to source eco-friendly at first. If not possible at first, keep trying for subsequent releases.
  • Clothing should be a useful extension of the wearer and never restrain.

    Build a durable, comfortable product

    • Overbuild stress points
    • Create articulated, ergonomic fit for high mobility
    • Have a reason for every stitch

      Choose the highest quality materials first, then figure out the price

      • Look for materials that have multiple use-cases, have high abrasion-resistance, high stretch and mobility.
      • The material has to have some textural interest, never choose smooth and bland unless it’s absolutely necessary for a certain function.

        Aim for subtle impressiveness, not flash

        • Integrate technical features into clean styles suitable for everyday use. Don’t call attention to technicality.
        • Use attractive, timeless color palettes to guard against seasonal style trends and facilitate a slimmed-down, versatile wardrobe.
        • Choose fit to accentuate an athletic body. This also serves to flatter less athletic people. Follow body lines and attempt to eliminate excess fabric.

          New is good, but only after exhausting the old.

          • Humans have been making clothing for a long time. We’re standing on millenia of trial and error. Let’s be innovative when we can, but only after trying the best existing solution. Even then, aim for incremental improvement. 100% + 1 = a damn good product.

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