Fair Deal Guarantee

A Customer-First Philosophy

After much consideration, we're proud to announce our “Fair Deal Guarantee” that covers all our products. We were consumers long before we were a company, so we came from a customer-first philosophy. We want to take care of you, just like you take care of us through your support.  

We went to the drawing board and analyzed warranty policies from companies we consider to be the best in the industry. Through the lens of our values, we weighed the options and came out with the absolute best warranty we can sustain, and one of the best warranties available from any company.

We want you to feel good about buying our clothing, and know that our relationship doesn't end at the time of sale. We'll be here to help you out. Cheers.

Fair Deal Guarantee

Full Manufacturer Warranty:

If our clothing fails due to a manufacturer defect, we will repair, refund, or replace the product at no charge.

Repair and Replacement Program:

If our clothing fails due to normal wear and tear, send it back to us and we'll repair it for you at the same price it costs us, no markup. If it can't be repaired, we'll offer you a steep discount on a new one.

Need something repaired? Click Here.

Thank you for your time, we recognize how valuable it is.


Hi, could you tell me your return policy please? I’ve been considering buying your pants for a while now but I need to try on any pants to know how the fabric feels and fits.

Irvin October 18, 2021

Andrew congrats on all your hard work! You’ve always had a great mind and a good heart! Super cool to see your success coming to fruition! Will be ordering a pair of your canvas pants as soon as they are available again!

Chris cooper August 06, 2019

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