The LIVSN Repair Program

Wear your pants for years to come.

How it Works

  • You can start a repair by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.
  • Follow the instructions for either a warranty repair or wear-and-tear repair.
  • Send your pants back to us for repairing. Be sure to launder your garment before sending it in for repair.
  • Wait impatiently and then get them back.
  • Wear your pants for years to come. 

The Fine Print

Warranty vs. Wear and Tear

We've chosen to allow you to decide whether your repair falls under warranty or wear-and-tear. This opens us up to risk of abuse, but we believe our customers are honest.

To help you make the distinction, use this phrase, "If it broke and it shouldn't have, it's a warranty repair. If it broke because of something I did, it's wear-and-tear".

To further clarify:

If you receive a pair of pants and the knee rips while trying them on for the first time, then it's under warranty.

If your knee rips after catching it on a sharp rock while climbing, then it's wear-and-tear.

We believe you'll know where your repair falls on this scale. Trust your gut.

We reserve the right to challenge the validity of a warranty repair and will reach out to you directly if we feel we need more information to approve it. 

Will there be a cost associated with the repair?

If your repair falls under warranty, there will be no cost to you. If your repair falls under wear-and-tear, then there will be a cost.

We are not up-charging for our wear-and-tear repairs. Instead, we are passing the cost along to you as it is charged to us. For non-warranty repairs, we will ask you to pay for shipping to us and we will pay for shipping back to you. 

How long will it take?

Usually a repair takes between six and eight weeks to be completed and sent back to you. 

We're working hard with our repair team to bring these timelines down, but this is the most realistic timeline currently.

How do we think about clothing wear and tear?

Clothing shows wear. This is a normal result of using your gear and should not be hidden. It's part of the process.

We believe repaired clothing is beautiful and adds to a piece's intrinsic value. A small pulled thread, abrasion on the fabric, or fading colors does not indicate low-quality. Instead, these are the natural indicators of a well-worn product and person. Let's celebrate our used clothing and wear what we have for as long as possible. 

Fair Deal Guarantee

Full Manufacturer Warranty: If our clothing fails due to a manufacturer defect, we will repair, refund, or replace the product at no charge. Repair and Replacement Program: If our clothing fails due to normal wear and tear, send it back to us and we'll repair it for you at the same price it costs us, no markup. If it can't be repaired, we'll offer you a steep discount on a new one.

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