Step one

the initial sketch

The possibilities are endless at this point. Usually I have a pretty good idea in my head of how I want the piece to look, but translating to a drawing isn't always straightforward.

Step two

Add, remove, revise

This is where the actual features and use-case for the piece is solidified. Changes get made after this point, but they're usually small additions or refinements.

Step three

renders and samples

3D renders bring the idea from the abstract into the visual realm. I can get a sense of the style of the piece and play with colors. Samples start here, moving through four rounds of sampling and revision before production.

Step four


After sampling is complete, we produce an SMS sample, made with final fabric, colors, and trims. This is the piece the full production run will be based on. These pants, the Flex Canvas, are currently in production and set for a March, 2019 delivery.

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