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Mission and Pillars

Hello and thank you so much for reading and being an early supporter. The amount of people who have come on board over the last few months has been truly incredible and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. We have a Kickstarter coming up in about a month (exact date to be released), and will need your support to make this dream a reality. 

You may have gleaned a lot of the following from our social media and other blog posts, but I thought it would be helpful to put our Mission and Pillars in one spot for quick reading. We may not hit every ideal all the time, but having these down in writing is a powerful way to guide action in the future. 




To create durable, well-built outdoor clothing for people who value experiences more than stuff.


  • Intentional minimalism
        • What you do own should bring joy, and more joy in taking care of it. Keep additive belongings that help you live an inspired life. Summed up in our hashtag: #keepwhatmatters.
        • Owning less, and therefore consuming less, is the most direct route to environmental sustainability. If there is a choice to be made, it’s better to buy once and take care of it, than to buy green and discard it.
        • How we embody this: We build to the highest standards of quality and choose materials that are multi-purpose and durable. We offer a full repair and/or replacement policy on all goods we sell.
  • Enjoyable sustainability
        • The concept that sustainability can and should be pleasurable.
        • How we embody this: We make our durable, sustainable clothes to be stylish, attractive, and something you want to wear.
  • Good corporate citizenship
        • Companies have obligations to their customers, stakeholders, and community to which they owe their existence. Non profit support, community events, and transparency are examples.
        • How we embody this: We donate a portion of our sales to outdoor nonprofits that get kids outside.


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    Words: Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, Founder

    Photos: Trent Sugg 

    Thank you for your time, we realize how valuable it is


    • Homer Boyer

      We would like to offer you the opportunity to register in our free Made in USA database on our website https://otexa.trade.gov. I can send you an email that explains the whole thing and gives you a link. Please send me an email at homer.boyer@trade.gov or call 202-482-5156.
      Thank you,
      Homer Boyer
      Office of Textile & Apparel
      Industry & Analysis
      International Trade Administration
      U.S. Department of Commerce
      1401 Constitution Ave., NW room 31014
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      202-482-5156 homer.boyer@trade.gov

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      Getting the word out! Can’t wait to order 🤙

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      Simply perfect.

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