What We Believe

Our Mission

Build durable and versatile outdoor clothing that encourages people to wear it more, keep it longer, and spend more time outdoors. 

Our Values

Hedonistic Sustainability

  • A sustainable product should be pleasurable and shouldn't sacrifice quality or performance.
  • Building long-lasting apparel is the most direct route to sustainable clothing because a piece that fits well, works well, and lasts longer is less likely to be thrown in the landfill.
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Do One Thing Well

  • Design one product at a time and continuously improve it.
  • Only create products that need to exist.
  • Design for decades, not seasons.

Intentional Minimalism

  • Live an experience-filled life that prioritizes time outside with friends and family.
  • What you do own should bring joy, and more joy in taking care of it. Keep additive belongings that help you live an inspired life. Own less, live more. Keep what matters.
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Good Corporate Citizenship 

  • Companies have obligations to their customers, stakeholders, and community to which they owe their existence.
  • Community support and transparency are crucial for a company to stand the test of time.
Thank you for your time, we recognize how valuable it is.


Getting the word out! Can’t wait to order 🤙

Tim September 10, 2018

Simply perfect.

Marta August 14, 2018

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