Product Breakdown - Karst Pants

LIVSN made its name by producing quality pants, and this year we are continuing to roll out different options to better serve our audience's needs.

The Karst pants are our heavy-duty, no-nonsense, ready to tackle everything and anything the wild or workshop  can throw at them. All while retaining a surprising amount of breathability, stretch, and storage capacity. This is possible due to their brand new fabric blend, and with dozens of  subtly embedded features you might not even notice until you need them.

If you're looking for a pair of durable  pants that can shrug off  abrasion with ease, then the Karst pants can be your go to piece for this fall season and beyond.

Material Made for Heavy Use

We take years to properly research, test, and implement new fabrics into our lineup. With the Karst pants design, we looked to add a technical option that performed equally well in multiple types of environments. 

The Karst pants use a blend of nylon and spandex that gives insane levels of stretchiness, while the higher weight density makes them well suited to shake off snags and constant usage without rips and tears.

Typically, this type of material comes at the cost of restricted airflow. However, with the mesh liner and fabric design, they still allow air to vent and circulate freely. The result is a pair of pants that's tough as nails, allows dynamic movement, all without ever feeling stuffy when the wearer is hard at work. 

Here's the complete breakdown of all the key information about what goes into the new Karst pants:

Material Weight Total Weight

1000D Four-Way Stretch 

90% Nylon
10% Spandex

466 gsm (13.7oz) ~2lbs


Like everything LIVSN creates, these pants are fully covered and backed by our Fair Deal Guarantee.

This means you'll always have at-cost repairs along with quick and painless exchanges and returns if needed!

Karst Pant Fit & Features

The Karst pants retain the tailored, modern fit found in our Flex Canvas Pants and Ecotrek Trail Pants, but differ most significantly in their embedded features.

Aside from the fabric, the most noticeable difference with these pants is the pocket design (nine in total), along with the cuff drawstrings. With this design, utility and durability took precedent, a pair of pants that keeps all your belongings secured and organized to your liking.

Here are some visual aids for some of the features you can expect with this piece:

Pants Prepared for Hard Work

Whether you plan to take the Karst pants through some serious underbrush or put them through the wringer at work, these pants are prepared to handle harsh conditions without fail. 

Breathable, flexible, and brimming with useful features, we're excited to get the Karst pants to date out into the world. 

As this is a new product type for us, supplies are limited. If you are looking to add this heavy-duty pair of pants to your wardrobe, do so now while supplies last!

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