Flex Canvas Pants vs. Ecotrek Trail Pants

Looking to join the LIVSN movement but don't know where to start?  Below is a comprehensive guide designed to help you decide between two of our most popular products: The Flex Canvas Pants & The EcoTrek Trail Pants

A Brief Breakdown

While the Flex Canvas Pants and EcoTrek Trail Pants have much in common, there are some key differences first-time buyers should be aware of. We'll give each product a more exhaustive look, but reference the table below for the quick and dirty differences between the two outdoor pants.


Tip: it's mainly a material thing. 



Material Weight

Total Weight



Special Features

Flex Canvas Pants

58% organic cotton

40% recycled polyester

2% spandex

270 gsm
8oz duck canvas

1.1175 lbs
.506 kgs









Articulated Knees

Gussetted Crotch

Reinforced Common Failure Points

EcoTrek Trail Pants

70% recycled nylon

25% nylon

5% spandex

179 gsm

5.3oz Blue Ocean nylon

.884 lbs

.401 kgs








Thigh Phone Zipper Pocket

C6 DWR Coating

Internal Drawstring


Our First Product - The Flex Canvas Pants

We designed the Flex Canvas Pants so our customers can do more with less.


These pants will hold up in all four seasons, and can act as outdoor pants, work pants, and casual pants all-in-one.

They strike a balance between being hardy enough for years of adventures on trails, but modern enough for a night on the town. All the bells and whistles are there with performance features and zippered pockets but subtly embedded so they do not appear overly tactical.

Our proprietary Flex Canvas material can absorb abuse as well as anything, and these pants stretch more than most would anticipate. Due to the gusseted crotch, articulated knees, and a dash of spandex, wearers enjoy a wide range of motion for whatever the day calls for.


Old Faithful -Flex Canvas Pants


A durable mid-weight organic cotton/polyester blend, these sustainable pants can handle whatever you throw at them.


  • Breathable with wicking liner
  • Knife pockets
  • Roll-up cuff system with reflective 3M strap
  • Zippered rear pockets
  • Hidden security pocket

Still worried to take the leap?

These pants and all our outdoor supplies are backed by our Fair Deal Guarantee. That means easy exchanges and returns, an at-cost repair program, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

We believe in our products, and once you try them out, you will too.

The Kickstarter Phenom - the Ecotrek trail pants

We designed these to be the ultimate adventure pants


Pre-selling over $500k on Kickstarter, the EcoTrek Trail Pants were built to withstand wet and hot conditions with even more stretch than their predecessors.

The EcoTreks are a climber's dream ride. With an internal drawstring, zippered media pocket, and lighter fabric, they'll keep everything in place and feel light as air.

Made with proprietary Blue Ocean fabric that uses recycled ocean buoys and other ocean waste, these sustainable pants stretch, breath, and resist water and abrasion like nothing else.

Best of all, they still boast the same modern fit of the Flex Canvas Pants, making them as at home in the city as they are out in nature.

The New Kid on the Block - The EcoTrek Trail Pants


95% nylon with 5% spandex, these pants stretch, shake off water, and wick sweat with the best of them.


  • DWR water resistant treatment
  • Reinforced seams
  • Increased stretch
  • Larger phone zipper pocket
  • Internal drawstring

Just like the Flex Canvas Pants pants, the EcoTrek Trail pants are covered under our Fair Deal Guarantee.


If you have any issues with them in the short or long run, we will happily help resolve them and get you in some pants that suit your needs.

So Which should I Choose?

First, take a look into your closet


Before making any purchase, it's always helpful to pause and think if you actually need it. We don't like selling stuff just because. We want our products to go out into the world and help facilitate people having fun, living their life to the fullest in whatever activities they enjoy.


If you are in need of new pants though, we're confident either choice will serve you well for years.


The Flex Canvas Pants are our rough and tumble old reliables. With the extra weight comes more durability, and in fall and winter, they will shine in your wardrobe as an easy choice every day. Their cotton content means they may not be the best choice for rainy adventures, however.

In the warmer months though, you might be tempted to switch to shorts. This is where the EcoTreks shine. You have the protection of pants but the lighter fabric means they breathe a bit better than the Flex Canvas Pants. In the cold, they will insulate well, but not to the same degree as a canvas material (pro-tip if you have a thin base layer to throw under them though, you will shore this up completely and be pretty much impervious to the elements). Their fully-syntheric fabric plus a DWR coating means the EcoTreks are an obvious choice for wet weather. 

The choice between the two is a classic dilemma, and answers will vary based on environment and need.

Do you need strength and endurance? Give the Flex Canvas Pants a go.


Prefer your pants extra light and stretchy? Then EcoTreks all the way.

There's no wrong choice here, and both can cover all the bases you need from outdoor pants.

We put a lot of time and energy into everything from the design process to the product fulfillment system. We hope that shows when you order from us, and once your pants arrive, they become your ideal companions wherever you decide to go next.

Have a pair (or two) already and would like to share your thoughts on how they stack up against one another?


Drop a comment below, we love hearing feedback and often incorporate it with each new iteration of the pants.


I have 3 pairs of the flex canvas and they are absolutely 3 of the most comfortable pairs of pants I own!!
Sure am thinking about trying a pair of eco treks tho just to compare :)
I also had the opportunity to speak with customer service re a couple questions and they were absolutely wonderful to work with!
Helpful and knowledgeable re their products which is a breath of fresh air!

April Cosey March 08, 2024

I have 2 pairs of eco treks and I love the way they fit they are so comfortable. Great day in day out pants no matter what your doing that day.

Jeff Felkins February 17, 2023

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