LIVSN Warehouse Sale - Deep Discounts, Limited Stock

Our Week Long Warehouse Sale is Here!

We don't do sales often but this year marked a major expansion in product types which has left our office and backroom a little packed. 

With even more exciting new products on their way, we need to make a little more room in the back so we our desks aren't completely covered with pants and jackets.

The only logical solution is for us to do a deep discount on select styles, colors, and prototypes so we have a clean slate for all the incoming fall goodness.

What to Expect

We like to keep things interesting, so for this warehouse sale, we will be offering progressive discounts starting today (August 5th) with price drops throughout the week until August 12th at 11:50am (CST).

We plan to offer automatic online discounts on products like:

Along with easter egg offerings of product prototypes and price drops based on availability, we will also have a “Code of the Day” found throughout our website for additional discounts on certain styles.

Check it out

There's limited stock and some of what we plan to sell is already hanging on by a thread inventory-wise, so if you see that magic item that fits your size and style, snag it while you can!

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements throughout the week!

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