LIVSN Well Worn Gear: Everything You Need to Know About Our Secondhand Marketplace

Along with providing people with adventure-ready outdoor apparel, one of the primary goals of LIVSN is to avoid producing anything that ends up in a landfill.

We want our clothing to be used down to the last thread, giving our customers the best value for their purchase and justifying the ecological cost of production. Making apparel durable out the gate helps accomplish this goal, as does making repairs simple and seamless if something happens to them.

However, whether due to weight change, personal preference, or just a general feeling, sometimes a clothing piece falls from our wardrobe rotation and starts to gather dust in the old closet. When this happens, it might be time to amicably part ways.

We understand this and want to facilitate getting used but still kicking gear back out into the wild as easy as possible.

As part of our larger sustainable production strategy, we’re proud to introduce “Well Worn Gear”—a LIVSN secondhand market (powered by Treet) where customers can buy and sell our products simply and effectively.

How Well Worn Gear Works (for sellers)

Our Well Worn Gear program functions essentially as a digital gear swap where past, present, and future LIVSN customers can buy and sell any of our products. 

For sellers, you begin the process here by selecting the product category, name, color, and color. You assess the condition of your item between:

  • New with tags
  • New without tags
  • Excellent condition
  • Good condition

Along with any quirks like stains, stretches, and the like. You write a brief description of the item description, upload a few photos, set your price (our system will recommend a number based on the above info), and voila, your item will be listed online before you know it.

Sellers can opt to receive classic cash of 80% of the selling price from the sale(the remaining 20% is evenly split between Treet/LIVSN for hosting). Alternatively, sellers can choose to receive LIVSN credit for 110% of the selling price, so you can get yourself a brand-new piece of gear fast.

How Well Worn Gear Works (for buyers)

For buyers, you simply select the product, check the seller’s conditions, notes, and photos, and if it all looks agreeable, you add the product to your cart like any other LIVSN product. 

You can also see who is selling—a past LIVSN customer, or directly from our headquarters. We have an offbeat assortment of damaged returns, production samples, and more, and this marketplace is where we will be making them available to the public.

All sales are backed by Treet Buyer Protection and Return Assurance. These programs guarantee that if the gear you receive does not match the description and photos, or you simply aren’t satisfied, then you can return it for a full refund within a 7-day window.

Looking to buy an item secondhand that’s not available at the moment? Under the "Search" bar, you can submit an item request.

A Community-Based Approach to Extending Clothing Lifecycle

For a variety of reasons, apparel that served us well in the past sometimes fails to do so at a certain point. Rather than simply throwing these items away or stowing them away in a dresser for decades to come, it’s worth giving them a new opportunity to find a wearer that will put them to good use.

We designed the Well Worn Gear marketplace to make these transactions as easy as possible for all sides. Whether you are looking to pass on some old LIVSN gear or find a deeply discounted piece of LIVSN apparel, check out our Well Worn Gear closet today and see how easy and simple participating in a digital secondhand marketplace can be.

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