Our Repair Program - Why it Matters and How it Works

The Reasoning Behind Our Repair Program

Life happens, and when it does, it tends to get messy in a hurry. While we designed our products to be comfortable enough to wear around your home to your heart's content, they're also made to get out into the world.

Often, this means putting them through stressful, challenging situations. Sometimes all it takes is a quick wash to get them back to their original form, but other times we aren't so lucky. Buttons can jump ship, holes form where we least expect (and want) them, and before you know it your favorite item is no longer fit for use.

We know how sad it can be to lose an item that you've had so many adventures in, and hope to have more with. It bums us out too, which is why we've created an aggressively customer-friendly repair program to swoop in and save the day. 

Here's all the details of what we do with all tragically injured LIVSN products, the kind and attentive care they receive when you send them in, and how, in time, we can return them back to you good as new and ready for whatever comes next.

How to Send Your Products to the LIVSN Hospital

The dreaded day has come, and you just can't hide the facts anymore—your product needs repairs.

Fear not, because we offer repairs for all shapes and sizes, causes and claims. You can start the repair process through our website, and here's all the key information surrounding the details.

We designate repair program submissions into two categories:

  • Warranty Claim Repair
  • Wear and Tear Repair

The core distinguishing phrase that divides warranty claims from wear and tear ones is that if it broke and it shouldn't have, it's a warranty repair. If it broke because of something the user did or general reasonable breakdown over time, then it's wear-and-tear.

If the damage falls under warranty conditions, we will get it repaired and sent back to you at no cost. If it's wear and tear, we pass the exact amount it costs us to repair it, and then split the shipping costs.

We trust and leave it up to our customers to decide which terms apply to their repairs.

What Kind of Repairs Would You Like?

In either case of cause, we offer two types of repairs when it comes to replacement fabrics:

  • Keep it low-key and under the radar
  • Surprise me with something loud

Here on the left you can see an example of the low-key, subtle type of repairs we offer. 

On the right, we went with something a little louder. 

Both options are available for all repair types, and right now we estimate a two to six week timeline for most cases.

Why We Care About Repairs

Before we ever began making outdoor apparel, we were out in the wild pursuing adventure. We know what it likes to be on both sides of the fence when something you love doesn't last as long as you'd like, and the last thing in the world we want is for you to throw it away and replace it with a cheap, unsustainable alternative.

We want to see just how long we can make LIVSN products last in the wild, and if it takes a little repair every once in awhile, we're here to help facilitate and make it as easy and affordable for you.

Questions, concerns, or feedback on how we can make this goal a reality? Shoot us a message, leave a comment, or shout loudly from your nearest mountaintop and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for tuning in!

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