Fall & Flex Canvas - The Fabric for the Season

The Leaves They Are A-Changin'

Or at least, they will be soon enough.

Summer has all but bowed out at this point in the year, and that means our dear friend fall is just around the corner, ready to take center stage. While you wave goodbye to the warmer months, it's an ideal time to look over your wardrobe to ensure you have everything you need for the crisp months ahead. 

When we designed our patented Flex Canvas fabric, we did so with the intention that you could own one pair of pants that can do it all. While Flex Canvas can certainly handle the other seasons, in autumn especially, the benefits of the fabric truly shines.

Here's a breakdown of our three current Flex Canvas options, and why each will fit snugly in your autumn attire wardrobe. 

The Autumn Fabric Goldilocks Zone

As temperatures drop in the months ahead, you want something that can worn out on sunny, warm days but also layered up for the colder ones ahead. You'll need some flexibility in style as well. Pants that can stretch in all the right places while you move, but remain flattering in their cut when you are out on the town.

In short, you want to find a pair of pants that fall in the "Goldilocks Zone" of comfort and features, something that feels just right where you need it most. 

We believe Flex Canvas fits this bill for most body types and fall activities and outfits. Made with 58% certified organic cotton, 40% recycled polyster, and 2% spandex sneaking in at just the right spots, Flex Canvas fabric was our brand's first breakout success on the outdoor clothing scene. 

Since then, we've branched out into all kinds of new fabrics, but Flex Canvas will always remain a fan favorite for countless reasons. Stretchy and stylish, durable but soft, we made these pants to be the one stop shop for as many outfits and kits as possible for all the fun fall activities ahead.

Our Flex Canvas Lineup

Just one year ago our original Flex Canvas Pants were all to their lonesome when it came to fall legwear. No longer, as we've added two new options based on customer demand.

Now, we are proud to offer our Women's Flex Canvas Pants, the sister of the originals and everything you'd hope and expect. They come equipped with all the same features and fabrics, but with a cut more flattering for our female friends.

Right on their heels are our soon-to-be-released unisex Flex Canvas Overalls. There's incredible buzz building for these with our customers and employees alike, and once you get your hands on a pair, you'll see why. These things are akin to a full suit of Flex Canvas armor that feel like a stretchy onesie, with enough pockets and features to fit any need. Whether you want them for style or serious work, these overalls are a surefire hit, and we can't wait for them to hit the stores.

The Flex Canvas family is growing, and we've got even more options planned for the years ago. Until then, any of the Flex Canvas big three is essential fall gear for the sustainably-minded outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure ready apparel. 

Fall into Autumn Fun

Fall months are perhaps the favorite around our office, and whether you plan to bike, hike, or simply stay cozy in a cabin somewhere, there's no better time to take in all the beauty of nature.

We designed the Flex Canvas fabric to be able to handle as much as possible in different settings and seasons. We don't want to just produce and put more stuff out into the world that won't see  of solid use. We take our brand ethos of owning less, so we can do more, quite seriously, and put our words into practice with each product we create. We hope you find a Flex Canvas option that fits your lifestyle and will serve you well for years to come.

Whatever you decide to wear or do in the months ahead, we here at LIVSN sincerely hope you have fun doing it!

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