What Sets Our Women's Hiking Shorts Apart

Women’s Hiking Shorts With Style & Function

With summer just around the corner, having a quality pair of hiking shorts is an absolute must for any avid outdoor enthusiast. 

Historically, rugged women’s outdoor gear has failed to receive the same amount of time, attention to detail, and features as their male counterparts. At LIVSN Designs, we aim to buck this trend through a steady release of our women’s line that incorporates everything our audience loves about our apparel with a fit more accommodating for female body types.

For women’s hiking shorts, our Ecotrek Trail Shorts are especially well suited for spring and summer and we’d like to take some time to dig into what in particular sets them apart from the pack.

Women's Hiking Shorts Material Made to Last

Transparency is a core pillar upon which LIVSN is built, everything from our supply chain strategy to the exact fabric details that go into each product we try to make public and freely accessible. 

For the Ecotreks Trail Shorts, it’s no secret that the fabric is composed of:

  • 70% Blue Ocean
  • 25% Nylon
  • 5% Twill

This fabric was initially developed for the original Ecotrek Trail Pants and is much lighter, breathable, and water-resistant when compared to our Flex Canvas fabric. This stretchy material was made to handle every classic summer outdoor activity from rock climbing to river crossing hikes, while still looking stylish enough to go right into town without missing a beat.

The Blue Ocean Nylon fabric is sourced from recycled ocean buoys off the coast of Taiwan, making this product not just comfortable and stretchy as can be but especially sustainable to boot. 

Ecotrek Trail Shorts Features & Fit

These shorts underwent several revisions with our production team before we felt comfortable releasing them to the public. We look to incorporate useful, subtle features into our products without them becoming over-designed and complicated.

For these women’s hiking shorts, we settled on the following features and fit elements based on common requests and audience tester feedback:

  • 4” inseam
  • Zippered pockets
    • Yes, real pockets that can carry a phone, wallet, keys, or anything else with complete ease and security
  • Water/stain resistant 
  • Abrasion and odor resistant
  • Reinforced common failure points
    • Belt loops, crotch, front button

We’ve often heard these shorts have a camp counselor (the cool kind) or Jurassic Park explorer look and feel to them, and we wholeheartedly approve of this association.

Field-Tested and Approved Women’s Hiking Shorts

As psyched as we are about these shorts, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We sent these women’s hiking shorts out to third-party reviewers and customers around the globe. This is what they had to say:

"I’ve worn them on a couple of bike trips and they were very breathable and shockingly durable for the lightweight material. I accidentally got bike grease all over them, and it washed out perfectly."

Sadie W. - Verified Buyer

Built from the ground up to fit the needs of women, the Ecotrek Trail Shorts are a versatile technical short for all climates and pursuits.

Mark Gorman - Ohio Outside

“I hiked miles in them - wet and dry conditions - and they were the perfect length for a harness. Dried quickly, didn’t snag with any bouldering, just perfect!"

Morgan Scholz - LIVSN model

Women's Shorts Set For Summer

Ideal women’s hiking shorts aim to strike that tricky balance between function and style but we feel our Ecotreks fit the bill. No matter what your summer plans are, if you are looking for women’s hiking shorts that can stand up to the outdoors and blend into the city alike, then consider checking out the Ecotrek Trail Shorts for this season and beyond.

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