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Another Successful Crowdfunding Chapter

From day one the LIVSN has utilized crowdfunding campaigns and it's no secret it's played a major role in our success.

With the book recently closed on our fourth campaign, we'd like to take a moment to pause and reflect on all the amazing contribution totals, press commentary, and sheer breadth this campaign has created.

The Grand Totals of The Century Jacket

We produced to the Century Jacket to be an exceptional piece of apparel able to protect wearers under harsh conditions while also being right at home around town. 

The Ventile fabric with which it is produce has a storied history in itself, and we are proud to share all which this campaign has accomplished over the past month:

  • $446,355 raised
  • Over 1,000 individual backers
  • Pledges made in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia

This kind of momentum inspires us to no end to both fulfill this campaign as promised and to continue to push forward with sustainable, versatile apparel.

Words of Support Straight From the Press

When we send product out to the press, you never quite know how they will be received. 

We sent the Century Jacket to industry leaders and asked them not to pull any punches with their thoughts. The response we were received was incredible and we'd like to highlight a few of our favorite excerpts:

"They Conquered Pants, Now LIVSN Makes My Favorite Bomber Jacket"

Sean McCoy - GearJunkie

"The Century Jacket proves old school materials are still relevant in the modern world.”

Wes Siler - Outside Magazine

"Comfortable, technical, and so-damn stylish…your go-to staple for just about everything you do"

Jone Perino - Men's Journal

"...a brilliant three-seasons jacket…that can manage work, weekends, and vacations without skipping a beat…"

Amos Kwon - Cool Material

"The Century Jacket is a killer example of how LIVSN expertly blends modern materials and techniques into classic workwear and outdoor aesthetics."

Brandon Vulaj - Carryology

Going Forward & Our Gratitude

We know the job isn't finished yet, and will be doing everything we humanly can to ensure all pledges are fulfilled by this December. Until then, stay tuned to our social channels, emails, and Kickstarter for updates about the status of this campaign. 

We are honored to have received such glowing support from customers and critics alike and look forward to producing a jacket that doesn't just last a few seasons but for countless years to come.

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