Field Report - Flex Canvas Pants

We sent woodworking maestro Scott Schroen of Timbernak a pair of our award- winning Flex Canvas Pants to see how they hold up under industrious conditions. Check out his backstory and full field report below.
Question - How did you first start in woodworking?

Answer - The desire to build something from nothing has always felt engrained in my soul. Even at an early age all I wanted to do was build. It took me a long time to really understand the depth of this calling and how to harness it. Almost my entire life actually.

Not long ago I found myself at a crossroads in my career path. I decided to take a gigantic leap into the toughest and longest days of my life. Building a full time wood working business. I took, Timbernak, from my small two car garage to a dedicated shop space complete with rent, utilities, and a can’t fail commitment.

Flash-forward past the immense hardships, painful lessons, and sweet rewards earned, and I’m now enjoying the momentum of the kitchen and bath cabinet business. Providing remodels and beautiful custom cabinets for Northwest Arkansas residents is my jam. While still squeezing in a high end custom artisan pieces at my discretion.

Q - What kind of apparel works best for you in the shop?

A - First utilitarian with style as a close second.
Finding clothes that can perform to rigorous shop standards while still giving me a sense of style confidence is a rare combo. Especially when it comes to pants. I don’t need a ton of pockets but rather a few in well though out places. The fabric needs to be flexible enough to move with me but not fall saggy. Breathability is a big one too. Sweaty legs inside pants is a no go.

Q - 
In your professional opinion, what kind of wood smells the best?

A - Oooh, good question.

It’s always a good sniff ripping through cherry hardwood. Instant aroma of dark red cherries. But the absolute best smelling wood that I’ve experienced so far is Indian Rosewood. The best way I can describe the smell is rose pedals simmering in a skillet of butter. It smells so good I have and will take small bits of saw dust, toss it into the air and walk through it.

This is not a joke. Yes inhaling exotic hardwood dust is NOT a good idea. Everything with moderation though.

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Q - What are your everyday carry needs?

A - Spyderco Native blade. iPhone Mini, a minimalist money clip, and an Apple Watch so I can communicate while my hands are working.

Q - Are there any features in particular on the FCP you found helpful?

A - The angle in the corner of the front pockets is brilliant. I thought it was for a knife but later realized how easy my hands can go in and out without getting stuck.

The overall thought process that went into the pants is the best part. You can see and feel the time giving to create a great pair of pants. The fit, pocket layout, quality, and true to size fit have me lined up to be a fan for life.

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Q - Favorite kind of music to listen to while you work?

A - Anything with a beat. I move fast and need music that can keep up. Straight up dance music has been in rotation a good bit lately. But Bob Marley to White Zombie and Wayne Jennings to Jurassic 5 are no strangers in my shop.

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Written by Brian O'Dea

Photography by BLKELKMedia.

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