Less Stuff, Better Stuff

If you've ever felt like the world has too much stuff then you're not alone. 

Andrew Gibbs-Dabney is the founder of LIVSN Designs and feels the exact same way. Which is why he created a pair of pants that are as comfortable on the trail as they are sitting at a brewery. In his mind, if you're going to make a product that has an environmental impact - you might as well make something that will last and is functional.

In this episode of Back Country Marketing, Andrew shares how his passion for the outdoors and sustainability not only influences their product design, but also influences how they choose to market their products. 

Excerpts from this episode:

"Less stuff, better stuff."

"We're trying to market on social media without using cliches and without "losing our soul".  

"We want to remain honest and objective as much as we can."

"We try a variety of value propositions in our marketing in an effort to stay objective in our advertising. I.E "High Quality" rather than "Best""

"We want to build a new product that deserves to exist. Make it worth the environmental impact it leaves behind."

"If your business only relies on social media, you're going to go broke. You need a good product."

Want to support LIVSN? 

Click here to check out our Kickstarter in February featuring the new EcoTrek pants.


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