How we create


One of our main beliefs at LIVSN is that a product that performs well and stands up to extended use is as sustainable as it gets. By buying once and with intention, we're able to consume less. We're designing our products so that when life happens and they inevitably fail, they can be repaired.


Our way of approaching sustainable style is to use classic silhouettes, refined and tested materials, and clean, modern fits. We want you as the wearer to feel special, but not to call attention to it. What we want is for you to be able to wear LIVSN clothing to the trail, to the pub, or to the (casual) office and not look out of place. When we use technical fabrics and construction, we work to hide those details in a casual look.


We choose our fabrics because they were the best available for the job, trying to source organic and recycled when we can. Some pieces here don't utilize recycled or organic materials because we aren't able to hit the scale needed, but we promise we will switch to recycled and organic as soon as we're able.


We hope to come out in the end with something unique, but also familiar. A refined collection dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship and mindfulness. We hope you share our values and will help us in our journey to keep what matters.

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