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Fabric For Every Need

While colors, cuts, and features might be what catch your eye initially, for many people, it's the look and feel of a fabric that determines if it's a must-have or not.

Over the past few years, we've been steadily expanding our product line, which largely is based on our three primary fabrics—Flex Canvas, Ecotrek, and Reflex. Each one has proven to be versatile and durable enough to function in multiple roles well, with key differences in design intention and best-case use that warrant their existence.

As you shop for the colder months and holidays ahead, here's a quick reminder of why we developed each fabric, and what kind of role they can potentially play in your wardrobe.

Flex Canvas - Our First Mainstay Fabric

We developed our signature Flex Canvas fabric to have all the durability of classic duck canvas with a surprising amount of stretch further enhanced by design features like articulated knees and elbows for pants and jackets respectively. 

The complete fabric breakdown is:

  • 58% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • 40% Recycled Polyester
  • 2% Spandex

At 270 gsm (roughly 8oz) this fabric works ideally as a middleweight piece. When paired with thermals or insulating base layers, it can handle weather quite well, and in the warmer months, the breathable fabric (along with the inner mesh liner) helps it stay viable without becoming stuffy.

Made to take you from trail to around town, the classic Flex Canvas fabric is an incredibly well-rounded option. for multiple situations and seasons. It functions especially well with minimalist hikers or travelers who need versatile apparel that can handle practically any environment.

The Growing Ecotrek Fabric Collection

We developed the Ecotrek fabric to be a lighter, even stretchier fabric ideal for warmer months and shrugging off moisture. With sustainable DWR treatment, this fabric dries and sheds water droplets fast and is incredibly soft feeling.

The complete fabric breakdown for the Ecotrek fabric is:

  • 70% Blue Ocean (recycled ocean buoys)
  • 25% Nylon
  • 5% Spandex Twill

At 179 gsm (roughly 5.3oz) this fabric particularly shines in spring and summer. We developed this fabric in-house for years, sourcing recycled ocean buoys for the majority of it, and then launched the first iteration on Kickstarters with over $500,000 raised.

Since then, we've expanded it to include shorts in both men's and women's cuts, and more options are on the horizon.  

The Ecotrek fabric works best for those who need ample amounts of stretch for dynamic movements or plan to be on the move near water.

Reflex Fabric - Active and Leisurewear Combined

The Reflex fabric was developed as our activewear option for wearers who need abrasion resistance and a more athletic fit.

The complete fabric breakdown is:


Body (115 gsm)

  • 72% Recycled Polyester 

  • 28% Polyester Doubleweave

Waistband/Gusset (255 gsm)

  • 89% Recycled Nylon

  • 11% Spandex

With the body fabric weighing 116 gsm (roughly 3.4 oz), this fabric is our lightest available. Made with polyester diamond double-weave, they can shake off snags and brush with ease. The four-way stretch and gusseted crotch give both the pants and shorts a wide range of motion.

Notably different from the Flex Canvas  and Ecotreks here is the elastic waistband with drawstring closer. This gives them a little more leeway fit-wise and allows them to function as leisurewear equally well. 

The Reflex Pants have a tapered ankle with a zipper and button, designed to fit over boots to fully seal and protect the heel and ankle from debris.

Whether you plan to hit a hot yoga class or be on your bike all day, the Reflex fabric gives you protection and comfort in equal strides.

Finding the Best Fabric for You

We love developing and experimenting with new fabrics, product types, and seeing what our audience responds to over the years. 

Whether you need a heavy-duty pair of pants for clearing brush or an ultra-light pair of shorts, we want to provide the type of apparel that enables outdoor experiences for all types. We only want to put products out into the world that serve a purpose and can be used for years.

If you aren't sure what fabric might best suit your need or would like to see a current one used in a different type of product, drop us a line in the comments below and we will shoot you an email back shortly.

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