New Colors of the Spring LIVSN Lineup

Every year we incrementally expand our offerings that fall beneath the LIVSN color palette umbrella.

We have several in store for 2024, and first up are Dusk and Plum Truffle - two understated but powerful neutrals that make a fine addition to our Ecotrek lineup.

We don't add new colors on a whim or chase trends, and below we'll highlight the thought process behind each addition along with some possible pairing options.

Dusk in the Wind

The age of dusk Ecotreks has dawned, and with it, a new colorway for both Men's and Women's Ecotrek Pants (and Men's Ecotrek Shorts).

This playful shade of blue styles like denim but with notable dashes of gray and green. Amidst a sea of bland blue pants throughout the world, these will stand out as a shade that defies conventional definition.

We recommended pairing dusk with rust for an earthy yet contrasting flash, or navy for a neutralized tonal vibe. By happy coincidence, we offer both of these options in our Forager Jacket, the perfect lightweight spring top counterpart to this new color addition.

Prepare for Plum Truffle

At LIVSN, we like to have fun, and there's nothing more fun than a juicy plum tone for bottomwear.

Plum truffle styles like a neutral gray but with an understated excitement that only grows with time. Within our top-secret new color testing field, we found plum truffle plays especially well with other subtle, dusty colors.

We believe this color pairs particularly well with olive, which is prevalent throughout our current lineup and will be offered later this year in our women's Forager Jacket. For now, your favorite navy tee or jacket will do just fine in helping ease some plum into your Spring wardrobe.

Real Talk - Don't Sleep on Rust for Spring

While not an entirely new color for us, rust has proven to be a fan-favorite since it launched last year. We feel its earned a spot as underdog, offbeat spring color choice within our lineup.

While orange typically dominates the fall season, we believe in designing pieces for year-round usage. Our take on rust holds enough vibrancy to shine in spring and summer outfits, while still having a dustiness to it to blend seamlessly into fall and winter as well.

Here's what we have for rust right now, with more to come on the horizon:

Are You All Set for Spring?

Days are getting longer, skies less gray, and before you know it, those birds and leaves will be singing the tune of a new season.

Before they do, grab yourself some new gear (if you need it) to celebrate this transition.

We're hopping up and down with anticipation to launch our new spring line, and once it's fully unveiled and available, we think you will be too.

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