Century Jacket - Press and Backer Feedback Roundup

It's been just over three months since our long-awaited Century Jacket shipped out to all corners of the globe. 

As winter wanes and users have had some time to put the piece through all kinds of conditions, we thought it an ideal time to collect and share feedback. From both the industry press, original backers, and everyone in between, here's a sample of the feedback we have received thus far:

Press Feedback Roundup

They Conquered Pants, Now LIVSN Makes My Favorite Bomber Jacket

Sean McCoy - Gear Junkie

"This water/wind/fire/abrasion resistant jacket might just be the last piece of outerwear you need to purchase as it offers style and performance off the charts."

- Leo Davie, The Coolector

"...whether you’re dressing for an outdoor adventure like hiking or camping or going on a date, this jacket protects you from the elements while looking sharp."

- MensGear

A jacket so strong it’ll outlive anyone who buys it. Made from some of the most durable and high-performance natural fabrics, the Century Jacket’s lifetime warranty probably even covers the potential future where the jacket is worn on Mars.

- YankoDesign

User Feedback Roundup

"If the Forager is the Land Cruiser of jackets, the Century is the LX 570 of jackets. Capable, strong, fits right in whether you're in remote wilderness or a cocktail party - and in both places, people will ask you where you got your jacket. Thank you LIVSN for making gear that walks the fine line of blending in while standing out, in style, comfort, and performance."

- John Howard I.

"I love how intentional all the design elements are, from the fabrics used..to the way it’s cut and formed. This jacket just feels special like a custom jacket would and is simply unlike the rest."

- James T.

"My favorite feature is how well it warms, but also breathes. I can wear it in temperatures up to about 10 Celsius or keep it on as I spend time indoors without worrying about getting overheated and sweaty, but when the temperature drops, even down to freezing and a little below, it traps enough heat that I am mostly worrying about my hands and head staying warm, not my chest."

- Robert William O.

The Century Jacket is Here to Stay

As part of our design process, we take our time to develop and release our products to ensure they are both necessary and will fulfill a valuable role in our audience's wardrobe. With the successful reception of the Century Jacket campaign, we are happy to announce it will be added to our recurrring lineup. 

We plan to produce more in both colors and all sizes, and this second run is tentatively scheduled to arrive in late summer to early fall.

With this piece, we recommend customers sizing up from their normal jacket. If you are unsure about what option might best suit your needs, this article outlines the best way to measure a jacket, which can then be compared with the sizing chart found on the Century Jacket product page.

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