Product Breakdown - Men's Flex Canvas Shorts

Shorts for the Long Haul

It's prime time to hit those spring trails, and when you do, having a pair of shorts that are equally durable and versatile is essential for everything from day hikes to multi-week expeditions.

Our Flex Canvas Shorts shine throughout spring and summer as they retain the same fabric as our award-winning Flex Canvas Pants and many of their features.

If you're in the market for shorts that work well on both the trail and around town, this article will breakdown exactly what makes the Flex Canvas Shorts an ideal choice.

Before we get into the fabric and feature details, here's a brief overview of some key information:


  • 29-40" waist
    • 8.5" inseam


  • Olive
  • Brown
  • Rust


  • $99

Men's Flex Canvas Shorts - Fabric Details

We're fanatics when it comes to fabric, and we've developed our "EcoFlex" over the years to fulfill the common needs of outdoor enthusiasts while exceeding expectations when it comes to comfortability. This fabric is tough as they can when it comes to fending off abrasion, but has enough stretch and breathability it never feels stiff.

Full Fabric Breakdown

  • EcoFlex Canvas Content
    • 58% Organic Cotton
    • 40% Recycled Polyester
    • 2% Spandex
  • Material Weight
    • 270 gsm (8 oz)
  • Total Weight
    • .819~ lbs

Men's Flex Canvas Shorts - Fit and Features

These shorts fit in classic, tailored style and have key features like:

  • Top waistband seam rolled forward for comfort
  • Gusseted crotch for articulation and to prevent blowouts
  • Rear pockets secured with YKK Vislon lockdown zippers
  • Top of rear pockets sewn into extra fabric layer to delay wear
  • Integrated EDC pocket on each thigh
  • Reinforced and refined construction
  • Useful features subtly integrated

Flex Canvas Shorts - Fit For a 👑

We designed these shorts to help enable adventure, gear that is  practical  and  reliable  under a wide range of outdoor activities.

If you want to check out the original form of our Flex Canvas and one of our first product, give the pants a look.

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