Life in LIVSN - 1/7/22

A New Year is upon us

And with it, new opportunities and possibilities abound.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you all, everything from product news to the people working behind the scenes. So we will be releasing monthly updates to let you all know who’s doing what and why it matters.

This week marked the first full staff meeting of the year. In case you aren't aware, our crew more than doubled in size last year. Here are the main characters moving forward:

Andrew G. - CEO and Founder
Dustin - Director of Growth
Kelsey - Brand Marketing Manager
Jake - Operations Manager
Andrew B. - Customer Success Manager
Brian - Content Manager
Nigel - 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser. Likes gas and long drives on the dirt.

After arriving back in Northwest Arkansas from the holidays, everyone tested themselves for COVID symptoms and then planted themselves in a lovely little boardroom in Bentonville. There we recapped each team member's 2021 experience and plotted out 2022 aspirations. Unfortunately, Nigel could not attend the meeting as it was held on the second story.

Topics spanned department-wide metrics to personal wins, whiffs and gratitudes of the last year along strategic goals for the next. To close on a high note, we wrapped with what each member's loftiest dreams would be in an ideal 2022.

There’s excitement in the air at our office, ambitious projects we feel are finally within reach to take us to the next level. As these abstract ideas begin to take more concrete form, you’ll be the first to know here by following our weekly recaps we have affectionately dubbed, “Life in LIVSN”.

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trousers have been fantastic. Not worn any others since my first delivery. Well done!

Chris Brown January 28, 2022

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