A Legs Race To the Stars - The Future of Pants

While outer space might be considered the classic final frontier, we here at LIVSN believe that humanity's fate ultimately hinges on how it develops in terms of pants technology.

We all know the illustrious and historic steps pants took from antiquity into the modern age, and the trousers of today possess features that would make their forebearers wrinkle with shock. Gusseted crotches, secret pockets, and roll-up legs are just some of the technological advances we all can enjoy on a daily basis that simply were not possible in the past.

But where does all this advancement end? What does the future hold for pants?

This mad legs race continues to make strides with each passing year. One thing remains certain though, wherever mankind goes, pants will undoubtedly follow in some fashion. We foresee the following trends will shape the future of pants as they stretch towards the stars.


One Small Step for Pants…

Sustainable sourcing is a key component of our
production principles and one of our core brand pillars. Today, we are proud of innovative sourcing materials like recycled ocean buoys, but in the future, the possibilities of the production cycle could stretch even further.

One such area of advancement is biogarmentry. It's a concept that looks to blends biological materials with traditional textiles. The shifting of sourcing from synthetic to biological would revolution the supply chain, and singlehandedly do away with much of the byproduct waste of most production cycles.

Technically speaking, the pants themselves could be considered to be alive.

Before you jump out of your seat though, this doesn’t mean sentient pants that could plot to overthrow their owners - or worse yet - unzip themselves at an inopportune time. More like algae or bacteria-based materials placed on cellulose being farmed and fashioned, which after being used for years as clothing, would be as biodegradable as any other organic matter.

It’s a new technology, but current results show that the materials can be durable and flexible. It’s an intriguing idea, and one we are sure to keep an eye on as the technology develops.


However, for those who would prefer to explore the stars with mechanical rather than organic garments, you are in luck as well.

Programmable Pants

In the not-so-distant future, your day might still start with putting your pants on one leg at a time, but also include being able to program them to your preferences or environment.

Today’s businesses and consumers alike are as data-hungry as ever, and pants will eventually become both an input and output source of valuable metrics. Tracking functions that we currently rely on smartphones for like step counting and exertion could be better customized with user info like stride length and weight. When put together, this would create a more accurate estimation of walking time and tracking of health goals.

Along with data tracking, pants are likely to become mobile charging stations for electronics. Apple has already made considerable strides in wearable clothing that can provide wireless power.  Rudimentary forms of heating and cooling systems in garments already exist, and it stands to reason that in time these will become more practical and widespread for everyday pants wearers. 

Perhaps even some energetic support similar to an electric bike, and a GPS system for good measure. Should your pants ever run off on you, you’d be able to track them down to whatever foolish thief thought they could fill them.

These advances put pants precariously close to not needing a human to function, so some safeguards will be necessary to keep them in check. However, once we strike the perfect balance we will be able to program our pants to best suit any situation.

More Zippers and Pockets, Probably Some New Colors

While pants are probable to evolve into all kinds of forms, one thing seems certain, people will demand more color options and pockets, and then likely criticize the choices made by manufacturers.

We here at LIVSN design our pieces to not chase trends and maximize usage. There’s plenty of storage and zippers, but we do our best to tastefully conceal them so you don’t look like a walking tent. Colors are classic neutrals and unlikely to fall from the good graces of style guides.

Yet in the future, some in the apparel industry will inevitably tack on as many zippers and pockets as possible and offer them in a few dozen colors, regardless of consumer needs or byproduct waste. 

Maybe they’ll stumble across something useful along the way. Rumor has it researchers are quite close to finding a perfectly balanced “Blurple”, but until we see it first-hand in the field, we will stick to what we know best.

No matter what form they take, it’s practically guaranteed that pants will accompany people as they explore the stars and beyond. Regardless of what path the future of pants take, we are cautiously optimistic that mankind will remain as the proverbial, “wearer of pants” in the relationship.




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