Four Uses of Reflex Shorts

What’s getting you outside and moving these days?

Right now, you are living in the golden age of outdoor recreation. Over 50% of all adults currently participate in some form of outdoor fun and enjoy the countless benefits of doing so.

Regardless of what you choose, if there’s one thing you need in our outdoor apparel, it’s durability and utility. The new Reflex shorts have both in spades, and whether you are a climber, biker, or just like how they look and feel, you’ll be sure to get plenty of mileage out of these fan-favorite adventure shorts.

Designed to hang off cliffs, trek trails for untold hours, and stretch with your every move, these shorts can be paired with all types of outdoor activities that get you up and moving. After ample research and asking around the LIVSN office, we’ve settled on the following four favorite ways to get some sweat and dirt on these active shorts out in the wild. 

1. Hiking shorts that'll keep you happy

Is there a better way for you to spend time than strolling through the woods? If there is, we’re all ears, but until then, you can find us and our Reflex shorts hiking more often than not.

What makes these outdoor shorts excel as hiking shorts is their breathable and water-resistant fabric that’s also stylistically flexible. The lightweight material and interior mesh liner means you’ll get some much-needed ventilation as you tackle uphill climbs or move into the warmer part of the day. Also, unlike more cotton-heavy shorts, the Reflex shorts can be splashed—or even soaked—in water or sweat and be completely dry in less than an hour.

Once you are off the trail, these hiking shorts also can pass at most casual attire locations for a quick meal or refreshment. While we aren’t suggesting you rock these shorts at your next vineyard visit, they are the only shorts you’ll need for an active day around town and out in the woods.

2. Biking shorts that can beat the heat

Our office is full of absolute biking fiends, and so it makes sense that Reflex shorts are well-suited to this task as well.

These active shorts were designed to fit biker’s common wants and needs from apparel. The material is butter-soft to the touch, and the hip pockets are placed in locations that naturally draw items away from sagging on the rear. The internal phone sleeves within each are ideal to hold your devices steady while still being accessible for crucial tasks like checking the map or skipping a lackluster song. 

While the fit is flattering on most body types, there’s also room beneath for padding or your favorite bibs. The combination of comfort and subtle utility with these biking shorts allows you to focus on the trail ahead without worrying about item security.

3. Climbing shorts that can keep up

When it comes to climbing, you need some outdoor shorts that cover the two major bases of needs. Something that will stretch and weather abrasion during the actual climb, and that keeps everything within them organized before, during, and after.

Thanks to the Reflex fabric, made of recycled polyester, and LIVSN-classic gusseted crotch, these shorts keep things light and breezy without being so thin that tears and holes are likely. If such a tragedy were to occur, we of course offer easy-peasy returns, exchanges, and repairs under our "Fair Deal Guarantee", but in the vast majority of cases, these shorts can shake off the worst of what most climbing routes throw at you.

Having pockets accessible while ascending a route is often handy, and with these shorts, you’ll have four mesh-ventilated options at the ready. The two at the hips are deep and open, and so it’s the zippered ones on the back that will likely be a climber’s favorite for the extra security.

4. Yoga Shorts for you and yours

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting, finding the right apparel can make a world of difference in making the various poses comfortable and enjoyable.

With hot vinyasa studio, you’ll be thankful for the extra ventilation throughout the class, and the quick-drying fabrics afterward as you shake off the sweat. Regardless of class speed or difficulty, the four-way stretch becomes essential as you attempt more complicated moves. 

The last thing you want on your mind during a yoga class is, “Am I about to rip my shorts?” Thus far, we are pleased to announce a 0% reported rate of such incidents occurring.

An underrated feature of the Reflex shorts in regards to yoga classes is the elastic waistband. As practitioners move into inverted poses like down dog or headstand, there’s a tendency for loose shirts and fabrics to drape down and annoy the sweaty face below, who likely needs every inch they can get to breathe. By tucking the top into the waistband, this problem is eliminated.

While the Reflex shorts were designed to fit the male body, we haven’t forgotten about our female supports. Our Women’s Trail Tights function just as well in this usage and are as at home at the yoga studio as they are on the bike or trail.

Find the right active shorts for the job

Any outdoor enthusiast needs a collection of shorts that they are confident can keep up with them. When you have the opportunity to get outside, the last thing you want holding you back is gear and apparel concerns. 

By keeping a stable of quality outdoor shorts within reach, you’ll be prepared and ready when it’s time to play in the outdoor world.

We hope you found this article useful and find the right apparel to suit your outdoor needs. If you use our Reflex shorts for an activity we don't currently have listed, let us know in the comments below!

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