Flex Canvas Shorts vs. Reflex Shorts

With the warmer months upon us, there's perhaps no more important clothing decision than finding your go-to summer shorts.

While our Flex Canvas Shorts have been in our lineup for over a year, our new Reflex Shorts are brand new to the market and making some serious waves.

If you are torn between deciding between the two, here's a fabric and feature breakdown and comparison that will help guide you to the right decision.

A Brief Breakdown

The primary difference between the two shorts has to do with the material, sizingand weight. 

Of course, there are key differences in special features and colors as well, but when deciding upon the two, it's easier to think of Flex Canvas as the heavier, more rugged shorts and the Reflex as the lighter, more athletic pair.

Check out the table below for an in-depth breakdown


Tip: it's mainly a material thing. 



Material Weight

Total Weight



Key Differences 

Flex Canvas Shorts

58% Organic Cotton
40% Recycled Polyester
2% Spandex

270 gsm
8oz duck canvas

0.388 kgs




  • Leather washer behind front button for strength
  • Knife Pocket
  • Reflective tape on hem

Reflex Shorts

72% Recycled Polyester 

28% Polyester Doubleweave

179 gsm

5.3oz Blue Ocean nylon

0.491 lbs

0.223 kgs




Insignia Blue

  • Snap button front fly
  • Ventilated deep front pockets w/ phone sleeve
  • Internal Drawstring

The Fabulous Flex Canvas Shorts

We designed the Flex Canvas Shorts so our customers can do more with less.


The Flex Canvas Shorts are everything you love about our original Flex Canvas Pants with just a tad less length. These are ideal do-it-all outdoor shorts.

These shorts have more weight to them than the Reflex Shorts, and so comparatively a bit more durable (although both are covered under our Fair Deal Guarantee). With their extra weight, these shorts are best suited to hiking, especially if you might encounter underbrush. They also can be dressed up a tad more than the Reflex shorts, and have slightly more storage capacity. 

The canvas fabric doesn't breathe to the same degree as the Reflex shorts, but if you are looking for one pair that can do it all, then these outdoor shorts just might be your ticket.

Silky Smooth for Summer - the Reflex Shorts

We designed these to be the ultimate adventure shorts


These shorts are the ideal companion for those looking to live an active lifestyle

The lighter, stretchier material along with mesh liner pockets means the Reflex short ventilate extremely well and will keep up with whatever you can throw at them. They also can handle more specialized activities like climbing, biking, and even full yoga class with their wide range of motion. If you see water and sweat ahead in your activities, the smooth, matte finish dries quick and easily.

While they can't be dressed up quite as well as the Flex Canvas Shorts, the Reflex shorts should be a mainstay in any activewear collection.

So Which Should I Choose?

As Always, think hard about what you need


Much like the Flex Canvas Pants vs. EcoTrek choice, this decision comes down to what's currently lacking in your wardrobe and which shorts best suits your needs. 

There's a fair amount of function overall between the two, but also some distinctions you should consider before pulling the trigger on a pair.

One key difference between the two is the waist closure system. The Flex Canvas shorts have a standard zipper and button (both reinforced) and belt loops around the waist. The Reflex shorts have a 2.5-inch comfort waistband secured by an internal drawstring. Past that, it's all about what you need most in the warmer months.

Do you need one do-it-all pair that can function around town or on the trail equally well? Then the Flex Canvas shorts might be your best best.

Do you need active shorts you can run, climb, and stretch in all day that keeps things breezy down below? Then consider the Reflex shorts.

We hope you found this article informative and find the perfect pair of shorts for this summer and beyond!

Have a pair (or two) already and would like to share your thoughts on how they stack up against one another?


Drop a comment below, we love hearing feedback and often incorporate it with each new iteration of the pants.

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The reflex shorts are really good, find the fly poppers tend to pop open when you’re flexing or twisting while climbing in and out of our off-road “Ultim-8” the FJ40. But I’d give them an8/10.
On the other hand the flex pants are harder wearing but are really on the 1970’s Magnum PI and really should be called “Short Shorts”. If they were 1-2” longer in length these would be fantastic. I purchased two pairs and because of the length issues have only worn them 2-3 times.
I fully support what you guys are about and think in time the products will mature to be on point !!

Richard McIntosh September 26, 2022

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