Flex Canvas Overalls vs. Ecotrek Overalls

If your legs are hungry for some overalls, but you don't know what kind to choose, then you're in the right place.

We've outline in this article the key differences between our fan-favorite Flex Canvas Overalls and our new version on the horizon—the Ecotrek Overalls.

While the main difference between the two is the material, there are some small design flourishes between the two. Before we get into those though, here's some basic facts about what each offer to get the ball rolling.

A Brief Breakdown

One of the most immediate differences you might notice is that our Flex Canvas Overalls only are available in a men's cut, while the Ecotreks have a women's version.

Before we dig into those details though, here's a broad view of the essential differences and options between each version.

Flex Canvas Overalls Men's Ecotrek Overalls 
Women's Ecotrek Overalls

58% organic cotton

40% recycled polyester

2% spandex

70% Blue Ocean recycled nylon

25% nylon

5% spandex

70% Blue Ocean recycled nylon

25% nylon

5% spandex

Material Weight
270 gsm
8oz duck canvas

179 gsm

5.3oz Blue Ocean nylon

179 gsm

5.3oz Blue Ocean nylon

29-40" waist

30, 32, 34" 

28-40" waist

30, 32, 34" 

00-22 waist

27, 29"
Color Options


Plum Truffle

Fabric and Feature Differences

The fabric difference makes the Flex Canvas Pants slightly heavier than the Ecotreks, which are ideal for warmer weather and dynamic activities near water.

Notably the Ecotrek is made from Blue Ocean fabric, which is essentially recycled ocean waste like buoys. This helps make them not just extra stretchy, but sustainabile as well.

While the overalls silhouette and fit are largely the same, between the two the following tweaks for made to the Ecotreks version in order to help improve performance for their intended activewear use case.

From Flex Canvas Overalls to the Ecotrek Overalls, the following design features changes were made:

Ventlated slit below knee line for extra breathability and wearer mobility

Zippered left thigh pocket 

Reinforced open right thigh pocket for knife

Ankle snap cuff closure (Flex Canvas Overalls are open)

Ladies Who Like to Pee in the Woods - You're in Luck

The single most signficant difference between the two types of overalls (aside from fabric) is our inclusion of a women's friendly cut for the Ecotrek version.

Not only was it designed to specifically fit women's body types, it also incorporates our collaboration with Gnara Apparel and their patented Gofly Zipper technology.

This subtle, handy-dandy feature allows women to do what past generations could only dream of. With just one quick zip, wearers can pee wherever their heart's and bladders desire without having to fuss with the straps and worry about undressing.

The men's version does not have this zipper, but a more standard zipper in the front for when the mighty river of nature calls.

We are proud to help make public urination possible for all, and while we hope this power is used responsibly, it undoubted is a major achievement and milestone in the storied history of overalls.

Which Should You Choose?

We know right now the Ecotrek Overalls are snatching up all the limelight, but don't sleep on their Flex Canvas predecessors. They are a hardy pair of stylish workwear, and if you want to learn more about them, here's a complete breakdown.

The Ecotrek Overalls on the other hand are new and their existence begs many questions, which we attempted to answer in our recent FAQ article. If we missed any, give us a shout and we'll shoot you an answer back asap.

You really can't go wrong when it comes to either piece, and they both embody the versatility, durability, and timeless aesthetic that have been our brand's cornerstone principles since day one. 

Give both a look, decide which best suits your wardrobe's needs, and take a fateful leap and you'll soon find yourself in a pair of overalls unlike any other.

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