Ecotrek Overalls - Common Questions and Answers

Got Questions?

Good, because we've got more answers than than our new, stretchy overalls have pockets. We're happy to unpack them here (and elsewhere) so you know exactly what to expect when you back this Kickstarter campaign.

What's the timeline for delivery?

For the majority of backers, these overalls will ship by December 2024 . If the order volume exceeds a certain limit, then we will have to do a second production run that will ship in early 2024 .

All backers up to this point will be in that first group.

When will the survey for order detail confirmation be sent?

After the campaign concludes on July 17th , we will be sending an email out where you will confirm the style (men's/women's), color, size, and shipping information.

* Note * prior to this, you may receive a survey asking about how you discovered the campaign from our advertising partners Jellop.

Is it still possible to get pricing tiers that are now unavailable?

If you paid $5 to reserve the lowest pricing tier (VIP), we will be happy to honor this. However, Kickstarter has some unique limitations with pricing tier availability, so it will require some coordination between yourself and our team.

Please email and we can get you set up asap!

For the women's Ecotrek Overalls, how do you realistically use that nifty GoFly® zipper?

Simply unzip as much as you need, pull any undergarments to the side (if necessary), do your business with the full freedom and privacy every person deserves, and zip back up!

I have concerns about sizing. How can I be sure to select the right one when the time comes to choose?

We have a full size chart available for both men's and women's versions right now on the campaign page. Please note these are for garment measurements , and not the body measurements for the wearer.

More fit info (specifically photos of different people in full size range) will be available for reference when the time comes to select your size.

Also, as much as we want to stick the landing with the correct size on the first go, we will be accepting exchange requests after product delivery. There is a chance we exhaust certain variants, but we will work with each person to ensure you end up receiving a product that fits, feels good, and you'll use for years to come.

Will you ship outside of the United States?

Absolutely! We love our international supporters and have experience shipping all over the world.

We use Fedex and charge a flat fee of $44 for shipping (not including duties and taxes).

Please Note - all international duties, taxes, and import fees are the responsibility of the backer to pay in respect to their home countries' laws.

We recommend you contact your local customs office for exact rates, and if you need additional help or info on our, feel free to drop us a line.

What does your warranty and repair program actually look like?

Remarkably simple and easy!

Essentially, if your product becomes damaged it falls into two categories:

1. Manufacturer Warranty: If our clothing fails due to manufacturer defect, we will repair, refund, or replace the product at no charge. Another, super eco-friendly option, is to have the piece repaired locally. If you decide to go this route for a warranty repair, we will reimburse you the cost.

2. Repair and Replacement Program: If our clothing fails due to normal wear and tear, send it back to us and we'll repair it for you at the same price it costs us, no markup.

You can start this process by filling out this form.

I paid $5 to reserve a VIP spot but none are available now. What can I do?

We got you!

If you signed up for the pre-launch group, we will be happy to honor that. 

Email and we can give you the instructions on how to get your pledge in at that lowest pricing tier

More Ecotrek Overalls Questions?

Send them our way.

We know there's a lot of information to take in here and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle about what to expect with this campaign. Whether it's your first Kickstarter or 100th, you've already pledged or are mulling it over, we’re here to help.

Drop us a line at (833) 252-6226, email, or leave a comment below we any questions about the campaign process or product itself, and we'll be happy to share all the information we have.

Thanks again for all your support!

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