EcoTreks Line Expanded - Our Best Travel Pants & Shorts

Travel and adventure are intrinsic aspects of the LIVSN lifestyle. Whether these words conjure images of far-flung beaches halfway around the world or a weekend trip to your favorite nearby forest are just the details. Near or far, travel simply means to leave your place of comfort at home and set out somewhere slightly—or completely—outside your norm.

When you decide to undertake these kinds of trips, the mind starts turning its gear to see how to make the idea a reality. One of the first things people think of—and rightly so—is gear. Your pack will vary wildly depending on your outdoor recreation activity of choice, season, and geographical area. For the vast majority of trips though, you won’t get far without a pair of quality travel pants and shorts.

We designed our Ecotrek Trail Pants and Shorts to fit an incredibly wide variety of circumstances and tasks, and they each have settled into critic and audience favored travel wear.

What Makes the Best Travel Pants Tick (and zip)

Travel clothing can be a tricky game to play. When space is limited, every piece must be ready to play multiple roles well. Gone are our option-filled closets with highly specialized garments in varied colors, and instead, we are left with a handful of hearty options to meet everything the road ahead has in store for us.

Some of the most relevant qualities to look for in travel pants are utility, versatility, durability, and comfort. If your travel shorts and pants have each of these to a reasonable degree, then you’ll be in good shape. If they excel in each though, then you will blissfully be able to travel without worrying about what comes next, because you’ll know your travel clothing team is up to the task.

Fitting Travel Pants Features

When it gets down to brass tax, travelers need features that get the job done day after day with heavy, regular use. Here’s how we designed Ecotreks Trail Pants and Shorts each to meet the common needs of travelers:

Travel Pants Utility in Form and Function

The utility of the Ecotrek pants and shorts pieces largely comes from the material and subtle storage capacity. The proprietary Ecotrek fabric found is 70% Blue Ocean, 25% nylon, and 5% and is identical in each our travel pants and shorts. 

This gives each not just a ridiculous level of stretchiness but a level of water resistance that starts to dry mere minutes after water contact. The zippered EDC pockets found throughout each travel essentials like wallets, passports, and other necessities are safe from becoming lost or stolen while remaining easily accessible for the wearer.

With a stretchy form that's internally well organized, there’s very little in terms of urban or natural exploration that these travel pants could not handle.

Invaluable Versatility

Versatility doesn’t just come from the cut and ruggedness but from the color pallete. While some people could not care less if their outfits clash and abuse the eyes of others, others who plan to spend more time in the city might appreciate having something a little easier to build an outfit around.

This sentiment is why we chose our base options to be timeless classics that can easily match whatever you have in your bag. Strong neutrals like caramel, olive, and charcoal can match practically you pick up along your travels, and won't be falling out of fashion favor anytime soon.

Not just in the colors but in the cut is this kind of versatility found. Features like pockets and zippered are hidden and downplayed so the wearer does not appear overburdened or overly tactical. The result is a clean, classic aesthetic that can fit in at the airport, a museums, or out in the mountains all equally at ease.

Dependable Durability

Travel can wear our bodies and clothing alike down, and eventually, cuts, tears, and other issues will arise. This is why have reinforced both the Ecotrek pants and shorts at common failure points to give them considerable staying power, and most wearers can abuse them for years without any significant damage occurring. 

Our travel pants and shorts are not just abrasion but odor resistant, which you and your travel companions will appreciate after long transit and travel days together.

However, if the worst should come, all of our products are fully covered under our Fair Deal Guarantee. This means at-cost repairs for life, and with our revamped repair program, we can even add a little stylistic flair if you want with contrast threading should tears or holes appear.

Travel Pants with Uncanny Comfort

Some might consider comfortable clothing a luxury while traveling, but it’s key to have little items that instantly bring about mental relief when you need it. 

At some point on your trip, you are very likely going to be tired, hungry, frustrated—or if you’re lucky—a combination of all three or more. Slipping into a pair of stretchy, functional pants with all your belongings safely secured can be just the comfort we need to stay sane another day. The Ecotrek pants and shorts also breathe incredibly well, both from the fabric and the mesh liner, making them less prone to feeling stuffy after long days on planes or in buses.

With options like these available, there’s no need to settle for subpar, bearable-but-uninspiring travel pants and shorts that do the job but are unlikely to bring about joy while wearing them.

Field Tested and Approved

While we could continue wax poetic from mountaintops all day and likely into the early morning with ease about why we make the best travel pants and shorts possible, at a certain point, you might want to hear from other, arguably more objective sources.

Luckily we’ve sent our products out to avid world travelers who have eyed, worn, and judged our pants around the world. 

Here’s what they had to say:

“The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pant is an excellent choice for men who want lightweight, stretchy, durable pants. The brand thought of many details that make them stand out in a crowded outdoor apparel market. And the recycled ocean plastic material helps you feel great about your purchase.”

Sean McCoy, Gearjunkie

"Built from the ground up to fit the needs of women, the Ecotrek Trail Shorts are a versatile technical short for all climates and pursuits. The women’s high-waisted, curve-friendly, athletic fit shorts have a 4” inseam and 2” back hem drop and feature reinforced seams, an internal drawstring for a secure fit, mesh seat liner for enhanced airflow, and YKK zipper. Five functional pockets - including two zippered rear pockets, two deep front pockets, and a hidden zippered EDC pocket - keep you organized and your gear secure. Available in Olive and Charcoal and even waist sizes 0 to 20."


“The LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants are exceptional. They’re three-season hiking pants that you’ll want to wear during all of your outdoor activities and even when you’re mucking about in a mountain town, too.”

Arthur McMahon,

"Want to explore the planet while helping it out too? LIVSN created the EcoTrek Trail Pants with adaptability and sustainability in mind. The pants are made from a fabric that uses recycled ocean buoys and offers a variety of adventure-friendly features such as water and stain resistance, abrasion resistance, stretch, and moisture-wicking. A gusseted crotch and articulated knees enhance freedom of movement, while the understated design is flexible enough to alternate between outdoor and urban settings."


Travel Pants and Shorts Built to Please

When traveling the last thing you want to worry about is having the best travel pants and shorts clothing for all the adventure to come. The best way to safeguard yourself against this is through pieces that play multiple roles well, stand up to time and abuse, feel physically good to use, and are made with thoughtful features. 

The Ecotrek Trail Pants and Shorts embody the design philosophy and ideas of LIVSN, and for a new or experienced travel, they slide easily into any backpacking lineup.

Whether you plan to be away from home for months or just the weekend, it’s worth taking the time to find and secure the best travel pants and shorts possible for yourself. Once you do, it’s one less question to be answered as you plan your trip, and you can divert the rest of your mental energy to all the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

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