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From Luke at Blister: I spend most of my time in the comfiest clothes I can find while working from home, but as an apparel design graduate, I can’t bring myself to wear those outfits when I venture out into the public (at least most of the time). 

There are loads of “technical lifestyle” products and brands out there, but the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants have stood out as one of the best executions I’ve seen of the “pants that look normal but work pretty well for outdoor activities” concept. 

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Flex Canvas Pants - Black Flex Canvas Pants - Brown
Flex Canvas Pants - Caramel Flex Canvas Pants - Olive  

They’ve got a pretty standard, slightly slim fit (but not super tapered) that I think looks good but doesn’t feel constrictive. That’s aided by the articulated knees and the bit of stretch in the 58% organic cotton / 40% recycled polyester / 2% spandex fabric.

It feels like a classic cotton canvas fabric, though with a slightly softer hand feel, no break-in time, and I suspect it dries faster than 100% cotton alternatives. The fact that it’s made of GOTS Certified organic cotton and recycled polyester is also a big plus.

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With these sorts of pants there’s a fine line to tread between looking like the designers just tried to sew in / on as many features as they could, and going so simple that the pants are only useful when doing things like hanging out in town. I think the LIVSN Flex Canvas pants tread that line very well. The darts at the knees increase the range of motion, but don’t look weird. There’s a button on the side of the cuff so you can roll them up (with a reflective interior fabric), but the button is barely noticeable. All the hand and rear pockets are zippered, but there’s no visible added bulk.

What really got this pant in this roundup for me, though, is the little details. LIVSN definitely put a good deal of effort into making these pants (1) durable and (2) comfortable. The waist seam is rolled forward so you don’t have as sharp of an edge digging into your gut. The waistband line is nicely contoured to help alleviate the same issue. Basically every seam is double-stiched. There’s a piece of leather behind the button so you don’t just pull it through the fabric. There are bar tacks at all of the stress points. The upper is lined with mesh (which does actually reduce swamp ass). The back pockets are sewn into an extra layer of fabric at the top and feature two layers of fabric at the bottom. The hand pockets have sewn-in phone sleeves. The belt loops are sewn into the waistband, not just bar tacked to it. 

I’m guessing I still managed to miss a few details, but I think the contents and size of that list are evidence of the thought that went into these pants. My only complaint with them is that they run a touch small in the waist — they felt a bit tight when I was in “off season shape.” But bump up a size at the waist, and I think most people would be psyched on these as everyday pants that will last a long time, are made from more sustainable materials, and feel comfortable when hiking, camping, etc.

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