The Value of Versatile Pants

While conventional wisdom claims that the average American should own seven pairs of pants,  we here at LIVSN believe that by owning less, people are enabled to do more. 

Along with being more environmentally sustainable, having fewer possessions of higher quality makes life simpler. Removing redundant wardrobe choices can provide a sense of clarity. However, the key to this kind of intentional minimalism is to not necessarily forgo material possessions but to seek out the right options for your life. 

We design all our products with a couple of core tenants in mind. You’ll often hear us harp upon durability and sustainability, but in this article, we will focus on versatility, and how it provides steady value from day one onwards.

One Pair of Pants, Endless Outdoor Opportunities

For both men and women, we designed our pants to be able to handle every season and almost all outdoor activities.

Due to their unique design and fabric, both our Flex Canvas and EcoTrek pants have a surprising amount of stretch. This allows them to tackle activities with dynamic movement like rock climbing, hiking, and biking without feeling overly tight or inconveniently bunched up after hours of use. Versatility to us means being able to go straight from your favorite outdoor activity into the rest of your day, whether that means more nature or catching your breath at home.

For those who live in a place where the temperature is cooler, we recommend our Flex Canvas pants as your do-it-all trousers. For those who live in warmer areas, or prefer more water-involved activities, EcoTreks with their DWR treatment are your best bet.

Versatile Pants for Urban Utility

All of our versatile pants are designed to be a classic, timeless fit that’s unlikely to fall out of stylistic favor anytime soon. Athletic but with enough room to breathe in the places you need it most, we went through countless revisions and cuts before settling on our signature fit and style.

Aside from the fit, what makes our pants versatile are the color choices we’ve decided to build our brand. While we might branch out in time, the following four colors are our cornerstones:

  • Brown

  • Caramel

  • Black

  • Olive

While the EcoTrek has the outlier of charcoal in the lineup, we’ve found that these strong, neutral colors give the wearer endless options with the rest of their wardrobe. 

We do plan to expand our color offerings in time, and many vigorous debates have occurred around the LIVSN office on this topic. Some ideas floated around include oxblood, sage, maroon, and more, and hopefully one will come to fruition in time.

When it comes to stylistic versatility with pants, it’s all about the cut and color. We design our products to be subtle but effective in this regard, so they can serve as a malleable template for your own personal style, and continue to serve you well for years to come.

Versatile Pants That Last

All of our pants are designed to last, with reinforcements made at common failure points like buttons, belt loops, and knee areas. However, after enough time and activity, even the best-constructed products will eventually be worn down. When this happens, the last thing in the world we want is for our customers to throw their pants away and find a replacement. We want our pants to be versatile but also last for as long as possible.

That’s why should the worst occur during an urban or outdoor excursion in your Flex Canvas Pants, we offer one of the most aggressively customer-friendly repair programs on the market. Should your pants fail due to normal wear and tear, we will repair them for you for the same price it costs us. We can make these repairs subtle with similar colored threads, or throw a funky patch on there if you prefer.

At LIVSN, we aim to create versatile pants and products that enable the lifestyle you desire, whether that’s just the occasional trek through the woods or a comfortable seat at the cafe. Along with durability and comfort, versatility is something we aim to have within every piece we have produced, and we will continue to do so as we expand our offerings.

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