Flex Canvas Pants - What They Can Do

Our Flex Canvas Pants were the first product we designed and created, and they’ll always have a special place in our hearts and on our shelves. 

In general, canvas pants are especially well suited to the colder months ahead, as they typically have a tighter fabric weave with thick threads that keep the wearer warm. Unfortunately, sometimes this comes at the cost of breathability and limits the range of motion. 

With our Flex Canvas Pants though come features to offset these limits, from our unique fabric blend to the inner mesh liner. We did this so people could own one pair of pants that could do more, both in terms of activities and being able to wear them for the majority of the year.

As we head deeper into the primetime season for canvas pants, we’d like to take the time to explain exactly what goes into each pair, and how this translates to better quality usage (for a longer period of time) for wearers.

What Makes Our Canvas Pants Flex

While canvas pants are well known to be a durable, dependable material, it’s not typically associated with stretching and flexing. Canvas material originally was used in industrial workwear environments, and while it can become comfortable once broken in, initially it can feel quite stiff.

With our Flex Canvas Pants, we aimed for wearers to have all the benefits of sturdy canvas but with enough stretch to handle our favorite outdoor activities. 

How we found this balance isn’t a mystery, but a matter of the right materials and thoughtful design features.

The Flex Canvas Pants fabric blend is:

  • 58% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 

  • 40% Recycled Polyester

  • 2% Spandex

The cotton and polyester make up the bulk of the canvas pants material, and the spandex can be found mostly in the gusseted crotch region, as that’s where it’s needed most for dynamic movement. The gusseted crotch helps prevent blowouts (a major rip or tear) and the articulated knees give a greater range of motion as well.

We construct all these products with flat-felt seams, double-needle stitching, and reinforcement at all the common failure points for canvas pants.

When taken as a whole, the material and the design make for a pair of canvas pants that can do just about anything you could think to ask of them.

What Flex Canvas Pants Can Do

When we designed the Flex Canvas Pants, we envisioned one pair of pants that could tackle all our favorite outdoor activities while still looking sharp enough for a night out on the town. We value utility, comfort, and dependability in our products, and these canvas pants reflect these beliefs.

Areas in which the Flex Canvas Pants thrive are:

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Climbing

  • Workwear

  • Everyday Use

This list isn’t exhaustive, but just some of the ways we’ve seen our canvas pants put to use over the years. 

Potential Pitfalls for the Flex Canvas Pants

While the Flex Canvas Pants can handle most outdoor and around-town activities without issue, the one usage area in which they might struggle would be in water-heavy environments. Although it can be added by the owner later, there’s no initial DWR treatment applied.

While they dry reasonably fast for canvas, these aren’t the pair you’ll want to take on a hike where you need to wade waist-deep through rivers or with a high forecast of rain. We designed the EcoTrek Trail Pants to take on these kinds of situations, as they are lighter, dry faster, and are perfectly suited to shake off wet conditions.

Canvas Pants Perfection

With our original Flex Canvas Pants and our new women’s version, we aimed to retain all the positive qualities of canvas pants like resilience and warmth while adding stretch and breathability.

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