LIVSN 2024 Sneak Peek

New Fabrics, New Colors, New Fits ;)


A couple weeks ago, we shared some of 2023's most important memories and milestones. In traditional LIVSN fashion, we're going to sneak you a peek at what's to come in 2024 - and we hope to whet your appetite! 


Without further ado, a few launches to look forward to:


Spring '24: The Rebirth of Our Women's Line

women walking across a creek

It's no secret that LIVSN has been a men's-forward brand since its inception. One of the reasons our founder, Andrew, created the very first Flex Canvas Pant was to design a perfect pair of pants for himself that he just couldn't find elsewhere. As we've grown, however, our dedication to making top-notch women's gear has grown too.


Our first go at designing high-quality, functional, durable, and versatile women's gear manifested in the Women's Flex Canvas Pant back in 2022. We learned a lot designing that product - from fit to function - and we're applying our newfound knowledge to launch a brand-new Women's Ecotrek Pant this spring. 


It's launching in two colors: Caramel (sneak peek above) and Plum Truffle (an earthy hue guaranteed to become a crowd favorite).


In addition to new pants, we're expanding our women's short line to include the Plum Truffle colorway for the Women's Ecotrek Short and debuting a brand-new Women's Flex Canvas Short, the counterpart to the flagship men's Flex Canvas Shorts.


If you're a woman or know a woman who's been feeling left out of the LIVSN love, we hear you and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on this spring!

Our Men's Line is Getting a Color Refresh, Too

a man in a climbing harness and cowboy hat treks across a field

Expanding our men's product color palette has been top of mind at LIVSN. Not just any hue will do, however. We're expanding the line this year with both brand staples and carefully chosen new colorways that will complement your existing LIVSN gear for an (almost) endless mix-and-match.


Here's a few to look forward to: 


Look out for the fresh palette this spring. 

Yes, It's Time for Another Kickstarter

A man is standing next to a river

If LIVSN's become synonymous with Kickstarter in your brain, we're doing something right.


We're back with another campaign this year, and we're pretty sure you're going to like it.


We can't say TOO much about it at this point, but we can tell you that it comes highly requested by our customers, it rhymes with “Clover Falls”, and it will launch for both men and women. Exciting, huh?


Stay tuned for announcements. As always, our email list is the best way to know first.

We're Introducing More Tops

LIVSN Designs field flannel shirt

We made our mark with pants. We took a risk launching our first piece of outerwear, the Forager Jacket. Based on how swimmingly our customers have received it, though, we're getting really excited to debut more of our designs for the top half of the body.

We aren't going to say too much more about this for right now, but stay tuned.  ;)

Meet our Newest (And Oldest) Family Member

A woman is sitting inside a camper van

 This January, we officially welcomed both our newest and oldest LIVSN family member, Brian, to the team. Our longtime freelance writer and editor has gone full-time as our Community Manager. 

Our founder Andrew actually tapped Brian to be one of LIVSN's  first contributors back in 2020, so it feels very special to officially welcome him to the team. Brian will manage our community—creating informative content, coordinating with our ambassadors and pros, and generally stoking customer enthusiasm—to help tell our brand's story and message across all channels to our growing audience.

Give Brian a friendly welcome, and when you have questions or need help, remember this sweet human on the other end of the line :)

With much more to come, that's it for our 2024 sneak peek. Stay tuned as we drop product sneak peeks, launch some campaigns, repair some more clothes, and try to make a positive impact in our little corner of the world.

Kelsey F.

Kelsey is LIVSN's Marketing Director. A native Arkansan, she grew up playing outside and burning through pair after pair of pants. Thank goodness she doesn't have to anymore! ;)


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So excited for some new shorts and colors! Also excited to see what that possible flannel will be all about! Let me know if it needs a testing at a brewery ;)

Matty H January 13, 2024

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