The Not-So-New Trend of Quiet Outdoors

Last year saw a surge of trends like quiet luxury (thanks in no small part to the influence of cultural phenom shows like Succession) where flaunting status with loud, in-your-face displays fell out of favor for a more nuanced, understated approach.

The aesthetics of the quiet luxury are typically characterized by a minimalistic style with high-quality materials, with a subtle flare or two as a quick nod to those in the know. It’s the kind of old money move that signifies reserved, poised strength that doesn’t outwardly clamor for attention (but secretly still seeks recognition).

It didn’t take long for the more reserved approach to trickle into the outdoor industry sphere, where now the idea of quiet outdoors has been named as a rising trend in 2024. Arguably however, quiet outdoors has already been present for years.

A Subtle and Sleek Approach

While some companies have scampered to tone down their loud designs to fit into the more muted aesthetic to capitalize on the quiet outdoors trend, for others, it’s just another Tuesday.

The idea of quiet outdoors isn’t far off from its loose and more brash predecessor of gorpcore , which uses apparel originally designed for hiking and activewear for urban outfits.

While both occasionally subvert the original design intention of outdoor products, the quiet outdoors trend keeps colors and designs subtle so they can more fluidly blend with a wider range of apparel choices.

Is LIVSN Loud or Quiet Outdoors?

Before the concept term of quiet outdoors was ever coined (2023 at the earliest), we’ve been producing products that share many of the descriptors commonly associated with the trend like subtle branding and minimalist design.

As much as we enjoy these design concepts though, we believe when taken to the extreme, they can lead to bland apparel that falls from favor—and usage—just as quickly as loud designs that chase short-term fads.

While the exterior of our products tend to be more quiet, once you take a closer look, you’ll find all sorts of interesting flavors and pops of personality. We believe these deviations from the expected add to the emotional durability of our apparel, increasing how long people want to wear it. 

We add new colors seasonally that can bring something new to the table while still being able to fit into modular wardrobes, as we believe those will stay in use longer, helping justify the ecological cost of their production.

Ultimately, whether or not our apparel fits under the quiet outdoors umbrella is up to the wearer.

Most of our apparel could certainly be styled in an ensemble that would qualify as quiet outdoors. However, there’s plenty of flare to be found within the same products, that if highlighted or paired with the right complimentary pieces, could be part of an outfit that stands out in the crowd.

This might sound like we’re straddling the fence a bit, but from day one, concepts like versatile durability, timeless style, and subtly integrated features could be found in our Design Principles .

Want to Speak Up About Quiet Outdoors? Let Us Hear It

We think concepts like gorpcore, quiet outdoors, and all the other fashion trends and niches are fascinating and fun to discuss, although we’re ultimately committed to making timeless apparel that exists outside of trend cycles. 

If you have strong feelings about the wave of quiet fashion trends, then we want to hear it. Drop us a line below, stand on a digital soapbox and shout, and we’ll be happy to carry on the conversation with you.

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