LIVSN builds durable, versatile, high-quality outdoor clothing that encourages people to wear it more, keep it longer, and spend more time outdoors. 

Our passion is for the outdoors and our interest is in high quality clothing.

The name LIVSN comes from the Swedish word "livsnjutare," which roughly translates to "one who lives life deeply; an enjoyer of life." This journey started with a mission to simplify our belongings. With less to manage there's more time in the day, and with more time comes flexibility. We know we won't regret more time outside - or with friends - or with family. 

We're gear junkies. It's hard to resist a great new jacket or bag every season, but this leads to excess and waste. We had too much gear, too many jackets, and too much stuff.

Maslow's famous Hierarchy of Needs lists clothing among the basic needs to meet before moving on to self-actualization. Since clothing is something that we must have, then we believe it should perform well, look good, be ethically made, environmentally friendly - and it should last. We want to own fewer, well-built things, and repair before replacing.

This started us down a path of shedding belongings. This process forced us to take stock of what we owned and make decisions on what to keep. We kept what mattered. We're not advocates for extreme minimalism, and don't preach throwing away all belongings. We like things, especially those made with care. We kept what was well-made, served its purpose well, and especially those pieces that had sentimental value.

We kept what mattered.

LIVSNLIVSN sustainable, high quality outdoor clothing

We started sketching and outlining what we would want in a perfect piece for each of our most well-worn styles.

We knew we wanted the clothing to be well-made, use dynamic materials, and have a subdued style. We drew a long sleeve t-shirt, a button down, a sweater, a jacket, and a pair of pants. LIVSN was born. 

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