Three Surprising Ways to Live More Sustainably

"If you hear the word ‘sustainability’ and want to yawn, this quick guide is for you…"

We’ve all heard about sustainability. 


We know that our actions, no matter how small, can have an impact on the environment. 


But it’s hard to make the right decisions every day, whether that’s trying to go vegetarian, ditch household plastic, or be a maestro in recycling. Plus, it can be a bit, well… dull to do.


So, if you’re keen to protect the planet, but don’t want the pants bored off yourself, here are three surprising ways to live life a little more sustainably…

Find Sustainable Activities

There’s nothing like getting into a hobby, whether it's hiking or surfing, that has next-to-zero carbon emissions, raises awareness for natural life, and wages a war against plastic. Plus, it keeps you active and gets you outdoors.


What’s not to love?

You’ll find the surfing community is big on sustainability too. Just look at Kenny Arimoto, an inspiring second-generation surfer from Santa Cruz. 


Kenny created a new start-up that recycles old wetsuits into grass bike pedals and protects surfers’ bare feet as they bike (read his full interview here).


Of course, there are plenty of other sustainable hobbies that are affordable: hiking, running, walking (even ‘forest-bathing’ if it tickles your fancy’…)


Whatever gets you outdoors, you’ll be glad to choose a hobby that protects it. 

Sustainably shop less so you can do more

It’s not rocket science. The less fast fashion we buy, the better the impact on the planet. 


According to the Ellen MaCarther Foundation: ‘every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck-load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill’. 


Even if you’re a fast reader, that’s still a lot of trucks by the time you finish this blog post.


By shopping less, you’ll be doing the world (and its fashion workers) a favour. And the less time you spend buying stuff, the more you can get outdoors and fuel both body and brain with some Vitamin D and endorphins.


Of course, you still need to buy clothes. It’s one of life and society's annoying requirements.


That’s why we recommend investing in clothes made to last, crafted with sustainable materials that are designed for durability and adventure. 

Make a statement about sustainability

Making a statement with apparel doesn’t necessarily mean trying to become an environmental or fashion icon. 


You can make a statement with the brands you support. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re a walking ambassador for the clothes you’ve put on. But are they sustainable?


Do some investigating. There’s nothing fast fashion brands fear more than buyers actively seeking out information about their manufacturing process and workers’ conditions.


Try to consciously source clothing brands that align with your values and lifestyle. As the buyer, you have the power to invest in brands that don’t just commit to sustainability but build their entire business model around it. 

And yes, at LIVSN, we are vocal about our stance on sustainability. We believe in replacing throwaway items with well-designed pieces to remove clutter and create space for living.


So there you have it! There are a million ways to pay back the planet for all its awesomeness. Whether it’s shopping less or surfing more, even the smallest action makes a big difference.

Good luck!


Article written by Rosie Clemo, click here to read more of her work!

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