The Gift Good Giveaway

Everyone loves a good gift, but knowing an item was sustainably sourced always makes it extra sweet. 

Which is why we are proud to announce we are sponsors of IndieGetup's Gift Good Giveaway.

Participants will simply pledge to shop sustainably this holiday season and be automatically registered to win over $3,500 of sustainable gear goodness (like our award-winning Flex Canvas Pants). 

You'll also receive tips on how to shop in an eco-conscious manner, everything from grouping purchases to slower delivery options helps.

Even if you don't win a prize outright, there are all sorts of discounts and deals participating members can access after signing up. 

So make the pledge today and enjoy all kinds of benefits in the weeks to come.

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thank you for giving me the chance to enter your contest

CONNIE L. HALE November 23, 2021

Looking to win these canvas pants.

Herbert Webb November 18, 2021

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