Product Breakdown - Fall Hat Collection

Figure out your fall outfits

Around the office, we're gearing up for fall, and that means longsleeves, jackets, pants and more are back on the outfit table. In fall, you can layer multiple pieces from both the warmer and colder months, meaning more options than ever with all the possible combinations.

The final touches of any outfit—the thing that can truly make or break it—are the little finishings. Pick a hat that tastefully matches the rest, and you can upgrade it from passable to exemplary.

We've just added four new hat styles to our headwear collection. Take a gander below and find the perfect fit for whatever lies ahead for this fall.

The design found on the front of this hat has quite the story behind it. Our fearless leader and CEO commissioned the design originally as a tattoo, and it represents the  longitude and latitude coordinates of Northwest Arkansas*. We like to see it as a celebration of the area where LIVSN was originally created and that still serves as our headquarters base.

Construction details include:

  • Classic Snapback trucker
  • Organic cotton twill material
  • Sweat-wicking headband, 
  • Custom interior taping & contrast roping

*If you ever see ol' Andrew out and about in the world, tell him you know the secret meaning of his tattoo. By our sacred charter and common law, he is then required to give you a nickel.

We designed the Stowaway to be the perfect companion to any trip, as you can pack it in a bag, pocket, glove box, or cram it anywhere else it fits. Like any good adventurer, once you need it again for action a quick shake will quickly snap it back to its original shape. 

Construction details include:

  • A crushable, package, tossable, anythingable material
  • Recycled polyester material
  • Sweat-wicking headband
  • Customing interior taping,  contrast roping, and felt patch.

More Headwear Ahead

We like to take our time with the production process, and each piece we craft takes months—if not years—of testing and edits before we release them into the wild. These are our first but far from the last pieces of headwear we plan to release this year. 

Stay tuned for teasers and updates for more hats, beanies, and beyond!

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