2022 Media Coverage Roundup

"We are happy to report that LIVSN's Ecotrek Trail Pant ($129) is the travel pant we've all been waiting for."

"The LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants are perfect gifts for the light traveler. They’re designed to be super tactical but without looking that way—they’re durable but extremely comfortable outdoor pants that are tailored to fit all body types."

"LIVSN’s products have never failed to impress me; the pants I reviewed over a year ago are still in heavy rotation, and the canvas shorts are too. The LIVSN Designs Reflex Shorts hit an even more casual note, and for that, they are fantastic."

"Whether you're crawling under a car, spending your day in the woodshop, or just making a statement in the great outdoors, these new, versatile overalls are gonna be your best friend."

"Right out of the gate, LIVSN’s Ecotrek Trail Pants absolutely scream quality."

"LIVSN’s Flex Canvas Men’s Pants have been a favorite of the GearJunkie team for several years running. Now, our beloved pantalones are available for women too, and we couldn’t be happier."

"So you need rugged shorts that perform like activewear, but don’t look the part? LIVSN has you covered…Look no further for a top-notch pair of summer camping shorts."

"Other brands have followed suit, like LIVSN Designs, which not only adopted roll-packing, but also revamped their entire hang tag program, replacing plastic-coated tags and plastic fasteners with recyclable paper and twine."

"Seems like everyone loves wearing tights these days, and we can’t blame them. They’re flexible, comfortable, and multipurpose. LIVSN’s trail tights have the answers to any qualms you might have about wearing tights on a serious day in the backcountry."

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