Product Preview - Flex Canvas Shorts

In our never-ending quest to provide legs with protection in all climates, we are happy to reveal our new Flex Canvas Shorts. They're lean, they're mean, and they come in green -- and while your Flex Canvas Pants might be benched for the warmer months, these rugged and sustainable shorts are ready to tag in and meet all your summer needs.

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You'll find everything you love about the Flex Canvas Pants here in terms of intentional design that lets you do more with less. Check out the details below to get a hint of all the Flex Canvas Shorts' unique features. You'll notice the upper yoke has been replaced by darts and the typical "five-pocket" style rear patch pockets have been widened and squared off. These adaptations were made to make sure we didn't release what look could easily look like canvas jorts.

If your heart is racing with the possibilities but your brain is worried about the logistics, then tell both to calm down because we have it all covered. The shorts are available now for pre-order through this magical link and will be at all of our fine retailers soon as well. The expected ship date for these do-it-all beauties is 5/15/21. 

Like all of our products, these are protected under the lifetime Fair Deal Guarantee for all repairs, exchanges, and returns.

Reserve yourself a pair today so you can safely say you spent this summer well dressed and well ventilated.

Anything less would be a disservice to yourself and your legs.

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Written by Brian O'Dea

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